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stuffed animal On my daughter’s first trip to WDW she and I were strolling through the World Showcase. A girl, about 12 years of age approached us and said, “I’d like your daughter to have this Minnie Mouse stuffed animal. Is that ok?” I nodded my approval.

She bent down and handed my daughter the Minnie plush toy. Much to daughter dears delight! “Each trip we buy a toy for our children to give-away to another child”, the mother explained, “ we create some magic for another family and help our children remember Disney is not just about getting things”.

Then they walked away and we never saw them again.

I’m not going to lie. I cried. I bawled as I walked towards Test Track to find my son and husband.

THIS… THIS is what Walt Disney had in mind. Moments. Magic. Memories. At that moment we resolved that this tradition would be carried on with us on every vacation.

We buy a small Mickey for my son to give away and a small Minnie for my daughter to give away. Throughout the trip they look for families with children in melt-down or just being pushed down the street in their stroller. When they feel the child is JUST RIGHT for their toy they approach the family and ask permission to give their toy away.

Sometimes it works and the child has a turn around in behavior. Sometimes the child is so deep in the throws of the fit that they ignore the toy and their parents just smile and say “once they stop crying he/she will love this”.

EVERY TIME our children get the warm feeling of doing something nice for someone else and expecting nothing in return.

So this is the Diva Family Challenge to you on your next trip. Are YOU willing to make some magic for another family? Give it a try and see if it doesn’t turn out to be the highlight of your trip.

Kristin is the founder and co-director of Tips from the Disney Diva & Devos. She started writing the blog when she realized there were many people going to Disney World and having a miserable time, and it was all from a lack of planning. She knew that she could help and has assembled the finest writing team she can find !