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imageEveryone is slightly worried about losing these precious (and expensive) park tickets. Especially if you don’t have “keys to the world” (room key and park ticket in one) and would have no way to prove you even had tickets. You get them out over and over again hoping you don’t accidently drop one on your way to the next fast pass machine. It’s enough to make even the most sane person fret a bit.
Not to mention you often have money/cards/ ID cards/ medical cards to keep up with. Oh, and the cell phone (seriously how did people get around Disney before cell phones existed???)!
AND you have to get your park tickets out over and over again every time you get a fast pass which is just a pain.
Enter Disney Diva’s #3Favorite Thing: Fast Pass pouches, stage right!
When you go to Disney World you will see plenty of lanyards, but they are usually on people who are pin collecting. We use ours to hold our “stuff”. Both hubby and I have a pouch that we carry so we divide the money, tickets, etc. depending on who is doing what. and they both have clear pouches on the back which allows us to hold our cell phones and even use the touch screen through the plastic.
imageAt pretty much every shop at WDW you will be able to find lanyards. So that’s a non-issue. Normally, however, I have had a hard time finding FABRIC pouches. They’ve got some plastic ones that are clear. You can find lanyards and clear plastic pouches here.
I’m not a fan of the clear plastic ones for two reasons. #1. When I’m moving things around sometimes my cash ends up on the outside, an ID, a credit card facing the wrong way, well people can see that and I don’t particularly WANT them seeing that stuff. #2. They “seal” more like ziplock bags. They don’t have an actual zipper which doesn’t feel as secure to me.
imageThat’s why hubby and I opted for fabric ones with pouches. They’re not technically waterproof but in all our times on Splash Mt. I’ve never had anything on the inside of it get wet. I was wondering when I decided to write this post if they even still made ones like ours and luckily I found them at an ebay store called the Disney Smiles Store. They’ve got multiple of each design and they go for $10.95 + shipping.
For those of you that have more to carry (ie MOMS) but don’t feel like hauling around a backpack every single day there’s another option I just found this October. My lanyard sometimes hurts my neck when I’ve got the cards and my heavy Droid in it as well, so I decided to go for the three pouch shoulder bag. I can’t find it on the internet anywhere so you’ll just have to check the parks. We found ours in a resort gift shop actually. It was great for storing as much or as little as I wanted.
There is also a new thing called the “Passholder Pouch” that people seem to be liking. Its bigger than the lanyard pouch is, but might be what you’re looking for. You can find it here for $8.95+ shipping
I would HIGHLY recommend you get one of these before you go! You do not want to dig through your backpack, or worse yet risk losing your ticket in your pocket or putting them in your wallet and potentially losing EVERYTHING!! Get one! It will be worth it!Link

Kristin is the founder and co-director of Tips from the Disney Diva & Devos. She started writing the blog when she realized there were many people going to Disney World and having a miserable time, and it was all from a lack of planning. She knew that she could help and has assembled the finest writing team she can find !