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by Military Diva

top reasons to stay at a Disney value resort

What’s Important to You?

So you’ve picked your dates, created your budget and started to imagine your perfect Disney World Vacation.  Next step-decide which Disney World Resort you would like to enjoy!

What might seem like an easy task can actually be very daunting.  Questions of transportation, resort amenities and theme can launch a range of emotions in even the most seasoned Disney traveler.

Do I dare choose a new resort or stick with what I know and love?  Is monorail access worth the cost of the resort?  How much time are we really going to spend at this property? So many questions!!

The most important question, after budget, should be “What is most important to my family?”.

The Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida contains over 28 varied resort properties. Each property belongs to one of four different categories: value, moderate, deluxe or deluxe villa. The categories are loosely determined by pricing, dining options, resort amenities and specialty themes or services.

map of disney world

Map of the Disney World Property, with Resort locations

Thanks to my husband’s military affiliation, our family has typically been able to stay in Deluxe accommodations for our Disney World Vacations. Please know that I don’t mention this to be boastful.  I mention it so you can understand where our experiences have been. We have been fortunate to experience resorts in every Disney category, allowing us to truly compare the Value resorts against Moderate and Deluxe properties.

I must say, after a recent visit, our family has developed a soft spot for Disney Value Resorts.  We were pleasantly surprised by all that these resorts have to offer.

Follow along below and read our top reasons for choosing a resort in this category.


Disney World Value resorts are the most affordable resorts on Disney property. When you consider on site benefits such as complimentary resort and airport transportation, extra magic hours, complimentary magic bands, the ability to add a dining plan and magical extras (rounds of golf, shopping discounts & more) the value is even greater.

  • All Star Movies, All Star Music and All Star Sports pricing begins as low as $96 per night.
  • Pop Century resort pricing begin at $108 per night.
  • Art of Animation Little Mermaid rooms begin at $127 per night.

*Pricing varies by season.

Small Resort Size!!

Disney’s All Star and Pop Century Value Resorts are small when compared to Moderate and Deluxe resorts.  Considering the fact that most guests walk close to 10 miles a day in Disney Parks, the distance between your room and resort amenities {dining and transportation) may be key to a happy vacation.

Who wants to return from a day in the park and walk a mile to get a snack?

staying at a disney value resort

Only a few minutes walk between All Star Music’s preferred rooms in the Calypso section and the furthest rooms on property.


Disney Design!!

Disney’s Value Resort offer the most extravagant Disney Themes of all the resorts.  They offer larger-than-life characters, statues and icons. The rooms and landscaped grounds overflow with Disney touches that can easily fulfill any child’s dreams of a Disney World vacation!

benefits of a value resort

Stay in the heart of Broadway at Disney’s All Star Music Resort


Excellent Dining Courts!!

One bonus of a Disney Value resort is the variety of food available at the quick service food courts.  The areas tend to offer excellent variety and plentiful seating, especially when compared to Deluxe resorts. You are welcome to grab a standard burger or chicken nugget meal, but there is so much more!

For example, Pop Century offers your favorite stand by’s of soups, salads, flatbread, pizza, burgers and hot dogs. In addition, you can choose from delicious entrees such as Jamaican Jerk Seared Chicken Breast, Chicken Pot Pies and Open Faced Salmon BLT’s. Dessert offerings include pre-packaged goods such as rice crispy treats and bakery items such as gooey cinnamon rolls, delectable cupcakes and heavenly Apple Blossom a la Mode.  And of course there is ice cream-Mickey bars, soft serve ice cream, sundaes and milkshakes are all available!! You can even enjoy a bottled adult beverage from the dining area or pick your adult drink of choice from the bar area. (Remember that 2018 dining plans include an alcoholic or specialty drink with your meals!)

The Pools!!

Value resort pools are an excellent option for families.  Their large themes match that of the resort, adding to the magic of the area. But the fenced pool areas are small enough for parents to keep their eyes on all of their children at once-the views are typically not blocked by landscaping, curving play areas or slides.

value resort pools

Clear views allow you to keep an eye on your children as they enjoy the Value Resort pools!


staying at a Disney value resort

Safety is still top priority at Disney Resort pools.



All Disney Resorts offer daily activities for their guests. But with the smaller size of the value resorts the activities were more noticeable.  Everything was located in the central court area of the resorts, around the pools.  Foos-ball, ping-pong, corn hole and directed activities such as Disney Charades and T-shirt tie dying were readily available for the enjoyment of all the guests. To top it off, the area was full of the Disney music we all love!

staying at a Disney value resort

Endless activities available at Disney Value Resorts!


The Energy!! 

Singing and Laughter!  That is the one thing I can say was never missing from our resort stay.  Children’s voices were everywhere! Again, I believe this is due to the smaller size of the property. Everyone seems to gather in the same spots and enjoy similar activities, giving the resort a true family-party feel.

Our most recent trip was a quick weekend trip in which we were hoping to spend our funds on new experiences rather than on our resort.  We knew we were choosing a lower price over luxury amenities and enhanced transportation options. We honestly expected nothing more than a clean bed.  In true fashion, we were treated to the famous Disney Service and overwhelmed by the touches of Disney found everywhere! We found a great resort, for a reasonable cost, and were still able to enjoy all our new experiences

*Pick a Pearl in Japan, our first Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and new dining experiences were top of our list!

So if you are on the fence as to where to stay for your next Disney vacation I highly suggest you take a good look at your budget and the amount of time you plan to spend in your resort.  Then decide what is most important to your family!  Choosing a festive Value resort over a more expensive option may allow you to splurge on a dining plan, enjoy a new experience or a special souvenir.   Who knows, you may even be able to add a few days to your vacation!

Contact All for Dreams Travel for FREE assistance planning your next Disney Destination Vacation!  They are more than happy to help guide you to the best season, resort and schedule for your family’s vacation.



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