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by Fancy Free Diva

Ok, so I know what you’re probably thinking….I’m already going to Walt Disney World…isn’t that magical enough? What could possibly make the most magical place on earth even more magical? Well, I have three answers to that question, and they all center around the idea of celebrations.

Disney wants you to celebrate when you’re there for vacation, and you’ve probably seen all those different celebration buttons you can get to announce your special reason, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or some other milestone.

Diva Tip: You can get your FREE celebration buttons in many locations throughout WDW, including the front desks of most resorts, some shops, and places like City Hall in the Magic Kingdom, or Guest Services at Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Cast members always write your name on the button in permanent marker, but because of the shiny surface of the buttons themselves, that permanent marker isn’t so permanent by the end of your trip. The solution? Cover the place where they wrote your name with clear tape. Most shops have tape dispensers, as do most resorts. If you tape over the writing, then it will be much more “permanent” than before!

We have been fortunate enough to travel to WDW for a few different celebrations, including my husband’s birthday and my sister’s graduation. For each celebration, we did something extra special to make the occasion even more magical. Here are my top three tips for “plussing” your special trip:

  1. Bring decorations with you. On our last trip to WDW, we were celebrating my sister’s graduation with her PhD. Needless to say, it was a huge occasion that called for some extra special magic. We were staying in a two-bedroom villa, but our flight arrived a few hours before theirs. That gave me the perfect opportunity. I had shopped for graduation decorations at our local dollar store before the trip, and I packed them in our carry-on bags, along with some command strips and tape. As soon as we had settled into our room, we set to work in theirs, hanging up decorations and making things festive. My sister was so surprised when she saw their room – there was definitely extra magic there.   This effect is pretty easy to accomplish. The trick is tall about finding a time to hang the decorations in secret and remembering to pack the things you will need to hang the decorations in a way that won’t damage the room.



  1. Order a special delivery from Disney Floral and Gifts. I have done this on two different occasions, and I have been impressed both times. The Disney Floral and Gifts website gives you lots of options to choose from, from pre-designed arrangements and collections to full-blown in-room celebrations.   The ordering process is fairly simple: you select the item you’d like, enter the date and delivery information, and check out. If you’re customizing a delivery, you have to choose a “container” first. The “container” can be anything from a Mickey shaped backpack to a special DVC cooler backpack. Once you choose the “container,” you can begin selecting items like snacks, ear hats or autograph books to fill it up.
Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.02.47 PM

Screenshot of part of my last order from Disney Floral and Gifts

I have used both premade arrangements and design-your-own.  Both types have been successful at adding more magic to our trips.  The best part is that you can customize your arrangement especially for the recipient.  They offer products for children and adults, pirate and princess lovers, wine lovers, Star Wars enthusiasts, etc., so there really is something for everyone.

Diva Tip: If you’re not going to be at WDW soon, but you’d still like to give or receive some Disney magic, Disney Floral and Gifts will deliver to your (or someone else’s) home.


A couple of design-your-own arrangements I created


This is a pre-made arrangement, the Kool Snack, with the addition of the Mickey graduation ears and a diploma decoration brought from home.

  1. Order a special occasion cake. On our last trip we were lucky enough to be there exactly on my husband’s birthday. He loves Disney, too, but his absolute favorite film is Wall-e. I coordinated with the chef at the Contemporary, emailing details back and forth, until the day it was delivered after our meal at Chef Mickey’s. The moment was perfect, and my husband loved it!

Fancy Free Husband’s Wall-e birthday cake.  Note: the Wall-e and Eve image is edible!

Special occasion cakes need to be ordered at least 72 hours in advance, and they can be delivered to most table service restaurants.  Call 407-827-2253.

These are three ways that you can make your already amazing Walt Disney World vacation even more special and magical.  For even more help planning and booking your trip, Patricia with All for Dreams Travel.

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Hi! I'm Stephanie, aka the Fancy Free Diva. I'm a mom from Maine, and when I'm not in the classroom teaching irony using clips from Frozen and Mulan, I can be found playing with my own kids and planning our next Disney trip. I'm an Annual Passholder at WDW and a DVC member, and on cold winter nights I'm usually dreaming about summer vacation when I can take my family back to Florida and be fancy free!