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A rainy day at Disney is better than a sunny day just about anywhere BUT it can be a major downer if you’ve been planning a trip and are looking forward to the parks, I’m not talking about that afternoon Florida sprinkle, and yes, it will rain almost daily in Orlando, I’m talking about a full day of rain.  So, what do you do, these are my top 5 favorite things to do in the rain at Disney!

HEAD TO THE PARK ANYWAY! HELLO SHORT WAIT TIMES.  The parks are AWESOME in the rain.  I have thrown on a poncho and walked my way around the World Showcase and it was AWESOME!  EPCOT is a GREAT park for a rainy day because almost everything is inside or covered.  Fun Fact: If you stand under Spaceship Earth you will not get wet, it’s designed to disperse water away from under the globe.  The Magic Kingdom is also pretty enjoyable in the rain, you can take in all the shops on Main St. USA, ride almost any ride, as long as there is no thunder and lightning everything will stay up and A Rainy Day at Disneyrunning.  Umbrellas are difficult to maneuver around people and a pain to lug around, invest in a poncho BEFORE arriving although if you forget they are w on a rainy day but be prepared to pay Disney prices for them.  ALSO, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PHOTO PASS PICTURES IN YOUR PONCHOS, being in Disney in the rain can be a downer but you will have funny pictures to look back on!

Have a down day. I can’t even begin to tell you how often I hear, “Disney isn’t relaxing”, well, there it is, a day to relax.  Fill up your bath tub in the hotel room and soak your aching feet or better yet head of one of Disney’s amazing spas and see if they have any openings or use their facilities for the day.  Sleep in, take a nap.  Sit on your balcony and watch the storm roll in, or out.  Adults only?  Go to the hotel bar and have a drink.   See what your hotel has to offer, there will surely be activities in the lobby of your hotel or in a common area of your hotel, check in at the lobby and see what’s going on that day, I can assure you there are a LOT of activities, especially for the kids, happening right at your hotel that you’re probably missing each day as you head off to the parks.

Monorail Hotel Hop. My 3 favorite hotels to walk around are on the monorail loop.  Even when we aren’t staying on the monorail I ALWAYS visit those 3 hotels.  They have GREAT restaurants, great shopping and luxurious lobbies for visiting.   They also have REALLY great hotel bars, I’ve actually seen people doing a monorail bar crawl- so cool, wish I knew about that before kids!  Tip: there is a piano player in the Floridian lobby during the day and then an orchestra in the evening.  Grab a seat in their truly grand lobby and feel super fancy listening to them play!

Hit the arcade. My husband and I LOVE to hit the arcade.  It’s fun to be competitive or just feel like a kid!  There are so many awesome arcades in the hotels.  It is difficult to choose a favorite but I do love the arcade at the Yacht and Beach Club

A Rainy Day at DisneyTake a DVC Tour. We toured DVC multiple times before we finally decided it was a good time for us.  You can stop in at a hotel kiosk or a kiosk throughout the parks for information.  You pick a time that is good for you, a van will pick you up where ever and whenever you chose and bring you to Saratoga Springs, where you can tour DVC, here about what the option are and see if any of them fit your family.  If they do that’s great, maybe you will leave as a DVC member, if not at the very least you get some free ice cream at the end of the tour!  There is no pressure to purchase once you’ve toured at all and everyone is very friendly and welcoming.



Hello! My name is Marissa, I'm married and a new Mommy to a beautiful little girl. My entire family is a "Disney Family" when we aren't there on vacation we are planning our next trip or helping friends and family plan their trips! In my spare time I am a Pediatric ICU RN and a dance teacher and a dance team coach.