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Ask a Diva Waterparks

For the next few weeks you will see an article posted with a topic. We would like to take your questions relevant to that topic and one of our Divas will respond and post the answers in an article the following week. While we hope to answer all your questions, if we get too many we will take the top questions in the order received.

This week’s topic: Disney Water Parks

Ask A Diva


Please post your questions in the comments of this article or in the comments where this article is posted on our Facebook wall. Questions will be taken until Friday, September 8.

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Hello Everyone! I'm PIxied Dusted Diva! I'm the proud owner of this blog with an awesome team of writers who love Disney, as you can see from their writing. I'm a Mom to three Princesses and a Prince. They've been to Walt Disney World more times than their combined age! Since our lives are busy at home, Disney is our family getaway and you will always find me planning a Disney vacation!