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Walt Disney World Water Parks

Ask a Diva: Waterparks

By Pink Diva

Let’s talk water parks.  When you think of Disney World, your brain doesn’t automatically go to “water park”.  It’s filled with castle pictures, character meals, and Mickey-shaped food.  I’ve had the opportunity to visit both Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon and am here to answer all of your questions.

Question: I can go to water parks at home.  Why should I pay around $60 a person to go to one at Disney?

Answer: This is a tough question.  We added the water parks to our Annual Passes this past year and went frequently.  However, if you are on vacation you only have a limited time at Disney World.  In my opinion, I probably wouldn’t go to a water park over a day in one of the parks.  If you have an extra, or “down” day, then I would encourage you to do it.  The water parks have shorter hours, don’t typically require any pre-planning, and can be very relaxing.  My husband is not into shopping and it can be difficult to shop with my kids, so we would choose to go to a water parks over a day at Disney Springs.  There can be discounts or promotions where water parks are added to your tickets as well.  Consult with our very own FREE Disney Diva Travel Agent Patricia from All for Dreams Travel to get all of the up-to-date promotions and specials.

Blizzard Beach, Waterslides

Relax in the snowy atmosphere of Blizzard Beach

Question: Can we use Dining Credits at the water parks?  

Answer: At some locations, yes, you can use your Dining Credits.  Make sure you know what dining plan you have so you know what you can use.  You can check Disney’s website ahead of time to figure out exactly which ones take Dining Credits.  As a general rule everything but the “snack only” places accept Dining Credits.

Question: Are water parks good for toddlers? What about kids or adults that can’t swim well?

Answer: Yes!!!  The water parks are designed to keep people safe first and foremost.  There is a little kid section (48 inches or 122 cm or smaller) that includes an area for “bigger” little kids and “little” little kids.  The wave pool is beach entrance so it is very shallow so all family members can play in it.  There are life jackets available for free all over the water parks.  The only time the water is higher than an adult/teen/tween’s chest is at the wavepools.  Other than that, the water level is low enough for most people to touch the bottom.  I wouldn’t recommend bringing a stroller to a water park.  The water parks are not very large and with the sand makes it difficult to navigate.  There is no stroller parking, so you will be parking the stroller in the sand if you don’t rent a cabana.

Sliding down a water slide in Ketchakiddee Creek

Having a great time in Ketchakiddee Creek

Question: What happens if it rains?

Answer: It depends.  If it is only raining then nothing will happen.  If there is lightning, then it will close.  Same with high winds or other inclement weather.  Cabana rentals normally require 24-hours in advance to cancel.  However, if you call before 9:00am the same day, you may not be charged.  If the park does close for inclement weather find out from a Cast Member what you should do.  You may need a hand stamp to return later that day or a voucher for another day.

Question: Are there Park Hoppers for water parks?

Answer: The Park Hopper Plus Option includes the option of going to one of the water parks.  There is no option to hop from Blizzard Beach to Typhoon Lagoon.

Question: Can I wear my Magic Band?

Answer: Yes!  Your Magic Band is waterproof and will not be affected from being in the water.  While there are no Fast Passes for the water parks you may be there when Cast Members are taking pictures and you will want to be able to scan your Magic Band.  If you have the dining plan you will also want to wear your Magic Band.

Typhoon Lagoon

We had an awesome photographer that wanted to take water fight photos!

Questions: The hotels all have pools.  Why should I pay to go to a water park?

Answer: Because it’s fun!  Ok, that’s not a great answer, but it is true.  The hotel pools are great-it can be one of the best parts of a little kid’s vacation.  The hotel pools are limited in what they offer.  They may have some slides and splash items, but not to the extent of the water parks.  Both water parks are themed throughout and offer a variety of options for all ages.  I had friends go with a preschooler and teenagers.  When the preschooler took a nap back at the hotel one of the parents would take the teenagers to the water parks for the afternoons.

Question: Which is better: Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon? 

Answer: I polled my family on this one.  My 4 year-old voted for Blizzard Beach.  My 6 year-old and husband voted for Typhoon Lagoon.  Personally, I love them both.  There are things they each do that makes them incredible.  I prefer the kid area in Blizzard Beach since it’s more open.  I can watch both kids by myself throughout most of the area.  The family rides at Typhoon Lagoon are more exciting.  The food and lazy river are good at both.  I find the blizzard theme fun in the middle of Florida and enjoy the tropical feel at Typhoon Lagoon.  I feel Blizzard Beach is more family friendly for those with smaller kids. There is a lot they can do or have one parent watch them.  If you are more adventurous or have multi family or friends to watch little ones, then Typhoon Lagoon is for you.  Either way, if you choose to go to one of the water parks you will have a magical time.

Blizzard Beach, Lazy river

Blizzard Beach

Castaway Creek at Typhoon Lagoon

Castaway Creek at Typhoon Lagoon

I've been going to Disney most of my life on vacations, but thanks to the Air Force we now live within driving distance! We bought annual passes before the boxes were unpacked. My husband and I have enjoyed watching our princess obsessed 4 year old and Mickey-loving toddler experince the Disney Magic. When not at Disney you can find me attepting to be crafty, trying to read a book or wrangling the two kids, two dogs and two cats.