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by Dressup Diva

Disclaimer: A couple of the photos were found through Pinterest, with no link to go back and credit the original photographer despite numerous searches. If these images are yours and you would like photo credit, or if you would  rather us remove them from the article, please let us know.

Labor Day weekend has passed and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are on the menu again at Starbucks, which can only mean one thing – FALL is upon us and Halloween Costumes are beginning to hit the stores.

Even if you are not going to be at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, you can unleash your DisneySide while dressing up for Halloween or attending a favorite festival!

Disney has given us many great stories and characters to offer inspiration for our costume choices, but to theme or not to theme, that is the question! A fun way to show off your creativity and your love of Disney is to do a group costume.

The biggest challenges in putting together a group theme  are finding costumes that are comfortable for kiddos (so they will actually wear them for more than 5 minutes) and family-friendly for grownups. Sometimes you can get lucky and find one off the shelf, other times you have to get a little do-it-yourself!

Dress up for Halloween

If you are attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party be aware there are a few (understandable) rules for costumes.

Per the Walt Disney World Resort site, costumes may not:

  • Obstruct the guest’s view or interfere with their ability to board/unload from attractions and/or the the Walt Disney World Resort transportation system (including monorails, ferry boats, and motorcoaches)
  • Drag on the ground
  • Contain sharp or pointed objects or material that may accidentally strike another guest
  • Be offensive to other guests
  • Contain any weapons which resemble or could easily be mistaken for an actual weapon

A Neverland Theme

One of the post popular Disney inspired group themes is a Neverland or Peter Pan theme.

For Dads:  If you have a Father who will wear green tights for his children, you get a gold star. Captain Hook may be an easier sell for Daddies-adult male pirate costumes will be the easiest to procure in nearly every costume shop.

For Moms: Tiger Lilly will be the easiest store bought Momma costume to find, but Wendy or Tinkerbell can be easily achieved through Disneybounding or DIY – like Character Diva did here with Wendy.

Never Family

Captain Hook: The Disney Store version is probably my favorite, and it is not itchy like some of the others.

Captain Hook

Peter Pan: The Disney Store is my pick for off the shelf, because this version is washable and comfortable – or you can DIY this one easily with a green shirt/leggings/ belt – for any age or size. The easiest hat tutorial I found is here.

Peter Pan and TinkerbellGreen tee DIY

One of my favorite DIY costumes is Peter Pan’s Shadow. This costume cannot be worn to Disney Parks because the face is covered, but would be a great Halloween costume!

Tinkerbell: The Disney Store has a pretty Tinkerbell, but it can be itchy (we learned this one the hard way) so I prefer the Mom Approved Costumes Tinkerbell for girls as it is machine washable and not itchy.   I do like to pair Disney Store wings with it for the shape and light up coolness factor, but I do not recommend taking them to Disney World unless you want to carry 4 square feet of wings around. There are foldable wings available which are much easier to stash in a stroller that are perfect for the parks.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell hugging

Smee: This a fun and easy DIY easily put together for any age with a shirt like this one. Here is a cute example, but by far my favorite version was for pregnant Momma that I can not find the source for as it was a user image uploaded to Pinterest.

Smee shirtPregnant smee

A Snow White Theme

A Snow White inspired theme is a fun way to do a themed costume for a large group.

Snow White: I prefer The Mom Approved Costumes versions for girls and babies  because they are machine washable and glitter free for a night of fun without itch.

Photo Credit: Mom Approved Costumes

Photo Credit: Mom Approved Costumes

Evil Queen: If Mom wants to dress up as the Evil Queen, Disquise offers an Evil Queen that is a reasonable family friendly option.

Evil Queen and Snow White

Dwarves: This adorable picture was uploaded to Pinterest without a blog post, so I can’t give credit…BUT, I love the simplicity of this idea! Pair a large tunic with black leggings, add a few felt “buttons” and a simply made dwarf belt, and voila! The beards and hats look easy to create as well. This would make a great large family costume!

dwarves diy

The Fab 5 Theme

The Disney Fab 5 is a popular option that is pretty easy to put together, but there are not many store bought options. Thankfully are very easy to DIY. As a bonus, these are a great way to reuse some of those Disney World Resort in-park ear or hat purchases!

Mickey: This is one of my favorite DIY’s for babies or there are store bought versions available here and here. A fun tip would be to add a magician’s costume to a Mickey costume for Sorcerer Mickey!

Minnie: A super easy DIY can be acheived with any red and white polka dot dress and a set of your favorite Minnie Ears or a Disney Store option is available. I added fancy gloves and jewelry to make my daughter’s Minnie extra fancy!

Minnie Costume

Donald Duck: D’Land Diva did a super cute Donald DIY  here that would be easy to pull off for any age!


Goofy: One of the easiest Goofy costume DIY’s I have ever seen was featured here.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Pluto: This DIY is easy to do with a pair of Yellow Pants (or tutu), yellow long sleeve top, green ribbon necklace with a classic bone shaped ID tag and Pluto hat from the parks or yellow baseball cap with black felt ears. For babies or toddlers, a yellow footed pajama would make a great comfy Pluto costume base.

A Cinderella Theme

Cinderella is a classic, versatile group theme that offers options for any age!

Cinderella and Daddy

Prince Charming: There are a few cute commercially available options for Daddies! For younger princes, I love this costume.


Cinderella: One of the most revered Disney costumes for girls is Cinderella. There are many store bought options to choose from, but remember to find one that is not itchy so your princess will be comfortable all day. Some of my favorite blue ready for the ball versions are from Mom Approved Costumes found here, but for a unique spin on Cinderella, consider Cinderella’s maid or peasant dress.

Cinderella as a maid

Fairy Godmother: There are traditional Fairy Godmother Costumes available online, but for warmer weather areas (like Florida) I love the idea of this one.

Fairy Godmother Apron

A Beauty and The Beast Theme

One of my favorite movies,  Beauty and the Beast offers great inspiration for group costumes!

Belle: Like Cinderella, there are many store bought versions available. The Yellow ready for dinner dress is a beautiful classic look fitting for any tiny princess! Some of my favorite machine washable versions are found here.

Belle Dress

The film also features Belle in one of my favorite Disney dresses, her provincial blue in-town dress which can be found for girls here.

Belle Inspired Day Dress

Another fun option for Belle is her Winter dress, like the one featured here. A red cloak with some white fur trim brings the whole wintery look together!

Winter Belle

The Beast: I have seen some cute DIY’s done for Daddies, but for little boys, Mom Approved Costumes offers a great ready to wear version.

Belle and the Beast

A Tangled Theme

A Tangled theme group costume is a little harder to put together as some of the characters are only available as a DIY, but with a little effort this theme can be a really cool one!

Rapunzel: One of Disney’s favorite princesses, there are many store versions available for her, my non-itchy favorites are found here.

Deluxe Rapunzel Mom Approved Costumes

Mother Gothel: Luckily, Mother Gothel’s dress is fairly simple and many red renaissance type costumes would work, like this one. When paired with a Black hooded cape and a basket- you can pull off a pretty close store bought look!

Flynn: While there are some versions available on Etsy, they can be pricey.  As a DIY, it is hard to find a base vest for men or boys, but there are some women’s teal or denim vests that can be used as a base. The best tutorial I have seen for Flynn can be found here and can be achieved with minimum sewing skills.

Pascal: For babies and toddlers I love the idea of a cute DIY with a pair of green footie pajamas as a base paired with a cute etsy Pascal hat! If you are feeling a little crafty, here is a cute tutorial.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

A Frozen Theme

We can not talk about Disney group costumes, without discussing Frozen!

Anna and Elsa dresses are available absolutely everywhere from the big box stores, the Disney Store, Etsy and every where in between, but so many of them are so incredibly itchy! Thankfully, there are some great machine washable pajama soft versions available from Mom Approved Costumes.

Anna and Elsa

Olaf: A cute Disney Store version is available, but this costume can be made into a warm weather friendly costume with a white top, shorts or tutu and a cute Olaf baseball style cap.

I could go on and on because Disney has given us so many wonderful stories and characters to find inspiration from. Don’t forget, you can create fun group looks that don’t have to be completely matchy matchy to satisfy everyone in the family!

Disney Family Costume

The point of dressing up is to have fun!  I hope I’ve given you some inspiration to show off your and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!