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So many of the Tips from the Disney Diva readers have amazing talents, but one guy in particular, Joe Frantianni, can do something super cool and totally worth sharing with you!

He can make iPhone apps. πŸ™‚
I finally converted to the iPhone from my beloved Droid and Joe made me promise when I got it that I would try out his app and see what I thought. And what did I think?? ITS COOL!
Lets face it, one of the MOST fun parts of any Disney Vacation is the COUNTDOWN LEADING UP TO THE TRIP! πŸ™‚ And Joe’s app gives us a cool way to keep up with how many days are left till your trip. AND you can even share it on your facebook page and rub it in everybody else’s faces!! (you can even paste to a friends wall!)
Ok, so how about a breakdown for the app?
– First off, you need an iPhone or iPod Touch in order to use it.
– Next its just a .99 cent app so it absolutely does NOT break the bank!

After you download the app you will click on a little “i” icon on the far right of the screen and it will pull up the “settings”.
First thing set the DAY of your next Disney Vacation (actually you could do anything, weddings, birthdays, races, whatever). The app will then calculate for you how many days ’till your trip.

The next part of settings is Manage Photos. You actually have two options. You can use the Disney photos Joe has already added in for you (which are awesome) or you can load in your OWN Disney photos.
I just uploaded some of my Disney Pictures to my iPhone. You will be able to select albums and then also choose specific pictures you want to rotate in on your countdown.

After you get your pictures in you can set when you want the “reminder” of how many days left to pop up on your screen. πŸ™‚ I set mine at 8:30 which is right after I finally get my kids off to school which is straight up craziness every single day. So it will be a nice little reminder of
the fun to come!
You can then customize the colors of the background or font (red, green, or blue) and there are some different fonts to pick from to make it more”YOU”.
The next setting allows you to set the order that the pictures would pop up in.
Then the setting “Social” allows you to be able to post your countdown dates to Facebook. You’ll need to go through the set up process and then you will be able to post your countdown to your own wall OR to one of your facebook friends walls. πŸ™‚ Which is just so fun!
I asked Joe to give me a little run down of how this all started and here’s what he said:

What does it take to create an iPhone app? A good hairdresser.

I am frequently asked where the idea for my Days to go WDW iPhone app came from. The answer is simple: my hairdresser. She mentioned her daughter would like an app to count the days to a special event – like a trip to Walt Disney World. How hard could that be?

Eight months and several hundred hours later Days to go WDW was born. Like most children, the app grew and developed over time. Most of the additions were at the request of app users.

One of the first requests was the ability to flip through multiple pictures. One month of work later – done. The next request was to add different background colors. Two months, several sleepless nights and a headache or two later – done.

Slowly but surely each email request was integrated into the app. Sharing via Facebook, adding your own pictures and slideshows each started as a user request. The adding of the countdown to the app’s home screen icon was one of the few I came up with myself.

One thing for sure – you get a great value you get for 99Β’ I’d estimate each email takes five minutes to write, three minutes to reply and three weeks to integrate into the app. I need to get an unlisted email address.

What’s the worst part of writing the app? When I finally finished my WDW trip had come and gone. My countdown is blank. Poor me.

You can check out the Days to Go WDW iPhone app and MORE of Joe’s great apps at or here’s a direct link to the app at the apple store!
Happy counting down!!