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Being in Your Own Fairytale-Fairytale Hall

By Pixie Hollow Diva

Fairytale Hall is located inside Magic Kingdom Park at Disney World.  It is located just through the castle entry way which leads to Fantasyland.  Once you walk through it will be directly on your right fronting the carousel.  Fairytale Hall is one of my families must do attractions!

Fairytale Hall is a meet and greet of some of the Disney Princesses.  Fairytale Hall consists of two sides.  One side has two princesses as does the other side.  Therefore, you can meet four princesses in total, two at a time.  This also means there are two separate lines and FastPass options.  We always choose to stop by when the park usually opens so there is not a long wait and we can save FastPasses for a ride.  We travel to Disney World at least once a year and always stop by Fairytale Hall.  Sometimes we have met the same princess each year, but they do tend to change things up.  Each time we visit it is always a different experience.Fairytale Hall

We have been traveling to Disney World once or twice a year for the last 7 years since my oldest daughter was born.  Every time we have visited, we have always stopped by Fairytale Hall.  My oldest daughter always has a different reaction, based more off what age she is at the time of our visit.  When she was three, she could not get enough of the attention Rapunzel and Snow White gave her.  She soaked up every second of the love and attention from two familiar characters she had grown to love.   The few times after that visit, it was a totally different reaction and experience.

Fairytale Hall

For the last few years, she is obviously older.  She now has the reaction of excitement but plays it cool.  She will hug them but now it is almost like she is hanging with one of her friends for “girl talk”.  Like I mentioned earlier, they are always changing the Hall to match up with some more recent princess.  For the last couple years, you are now able to meet Tiana and Elena.  These are some of the more recent princesses, and not the classic princesses.  This is also great because she can relate to some of the newer princesses a little easier.  There is so much on the Disney channels when it comes to Elena that even my three-year-old is overly excited to meet a character she feels she knows!

Being in Your Own Fairytale-Fairytale Hall

Why do we choose to meet the same princess’s multiple times in the same place?  We enjoy this because the princesses take their time!  Sometimes you feel rushed and are rushed with certain Disney World attractions or meet and greets.  This is NOT like that at all.  It has always worked out well for my family.  The princesses will walk up to where you are standing in line and take your child by the hand.  As they walk to the photo spot, they are chatting with your young one.  There are many times, the princesses will stoop down to my young children’s level and chat away with them.

Being in Your Own Fairytale-Fairytale Hall

This always makes my daughters day!  It is so personal to them and it is heartwarming.  Everyone has an inner child no matter what your age may be.  This has will melt your heart!  My daughter has stood and twirled with Tiana, received a lip stick kiss on her cheek from Snow White and hugged and hugged for minutes with Rapunzel!

Being in Your Own Fairytale-Fairytale Hall

Being in Your Own Fairytale-Fairytale HallIt is the Fairytale-like experiences you want your children to have and believe in.  This all helps to believe your amazing Disney World memories.

Being in Your Own Fairytale-Fairytale Hall

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I am known to be a Disney Mom and wife. I have two little girls, ages two and six and they too share the love. We are lucky enough to travel to Disney World once a year, maybe twice. Each time is a new experience. I love to see people learn and experience new things that may help make their visits extra special. I look forward to sharing tips and input and help answer any questions you may have through my writing!