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Written by Tonga Princess Diva

EPCOTWorld Showcase in EPCOT is so much great food to offer. With all the fantastic festivals and special events I think it is easy to forget all the amazing food that you can find World Showcase all year round! 

Don’t get me wrong – I love a good festival and you can read all about the Flower and Garden Festival, Festival of the Arts, and Food and Wine Festival right here Tips From The Disney Diva! 

While we are in a festival lull I am taking this opportunity to share my top 5 favorite non-festival food booth snacks and quick-service foods in World Showcase. Are you with me? I’m excited!

Snacks and quick-service offerings are a great portion size and price point to maximize sampling and sharing in my opinion. Honestly, it is the only way to effectively make it around The World and not be rolled out of the park like Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! DIVA TIP: If there is a signature dish offered by a table-service restaurant, often times the quick-service counterpart will offer a comparable dish. If you are on a budget or short of time it is worth checking out! 

Here are my top 5 World Showcase snacks and quick-service food…make sure you have a snack by your side and lets dig in!

#5 Germany’s Sommerfest The Bratwurst! It is served on a roll with perfectly cooked and seasoned sauerkraut that makes my taste buds sing with joy. The house-made chips are seasoned with paprika and simply delicious. My favorite combo though is topping a paprika chip with sauerkraut and leave the bratwurst for my husband!  Yes, you read that right! I have Lithuanian blood in my veins and this combo makes my ancestors happy! Wash it down with the light and refreshing Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen and I’m good to go!


#4 France’s L’Artisan des Glaces – The Ice Cream Martini! Yes, a dessert and cocktail all in one! How can you go wrong? You get to pick two scoops of ice cream or sorbet — and they do not have to be the same — along with your choice of Grand Marnier, Whipped Cream Vodka or Rum! My favorite combo is a scoop of chocolate, a scoop of caramel ice cream with a shot of Whipped Cream Vodka. What is your favorite combination?

EPCOT - France!

#3 Morocco’s Tangerine Cafe  — The Baklava! It is the best I have every had. Do not be deceived by the small stature of this delectable treat. It is rich and sweet enough to share. The flaky pastry is perfectly saturated with the mixture of honey and nuts it is protectively wrapped around. Pair it with an espresso, sit back and people watch for a bit. 

EPCOT Snacks!

#2 Morocco’s Tangerine Cafe – Yup, I am still hanging in Morocco. Tangerine Cafe gets double love in this top 5. The Moroccan Kefta Platter! This platter is generous and made to share. I love stacking on the marinated olives, a tabouleh like salsa and a kefta on a fresh, warm pita and just savor the flavors when I get that perfect bite. Thanks to the Disney Food Blog we have successfully made this dish at home! 

#1 Mexico’s La Cantina de San Angel – The Tacos de Barbocca! Now, this one is so delicious and such a fan favorite of ours it is a tough one to share. The winner of this dish is the seasoned beef. It is magical and my heart grows two sizes on the first bite! It comes with homemade tortillas, mexican rice, refried beans and salsa. We have been known to make a special trip to EPCOT just for this dish. Add in a gazebo table overlooking the water and a frozen lime margarita and I could sit there all day. 

What is your favorite snack or quick service in EPCOT’s World Showcase?