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Gems of Disney California Adventure Park - Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

By Tinker Belle Diva

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

Along the trail

Earlier this year, I introduced you to one of my FAVORITE places at Disney California Adventure Park (DCA) – the Animation Academy – and also the Sorcerer’s Workshop with the hidden gem the Beast’s Library. Today’s article is about a gem that is not so hidden. In fact it is a very large area in DCA located across from Grizzly River Run, and that attraction is Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. Disney Magic Diva has a great explanation for why your preschooler will love this attraction. My kids have been playing on the Trail for over 10 years and still enjoy time there as young teenagers. So let’s go over why this is a great place to spend time.

Adults Relax While Kids Play – This is my #1 reason for spending time in the Trail. There are benches near each play area for parents or guardians to sit and watch their child do one of the many activities. There are plenty of shaded areas if it is warm. I get to spend time off my feet, while my kids had a great time and spent some of their endless energy playing. If you are traveling in a group where smaller ones do not hit the height requirements for other rides in DCA, this is a great place too to spend time while others in your party are on those rides.

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

My littles in 2009 playing here for the first time

So Many Activities! – There is a ton for kids and adults to do here. The trail itself starts to your right as you enter. It is relaxing and educational, as you can look for animal tracks and learn about California’s Redwood forests. From here you can let your young ones loose to try one of nearly a dozen things to do.

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail Sequoia Smoke Jumpers Training Tower

Smoke Jumpers Training Tower

Sequoia Smokejumpers Training Tower is one of our favorites! It is a zip line with a tire swing combined. DIVA TIP – this does have both a height and age restriction. The height requirement is between 42 inches (106 cm) minimum and 63 inches (160 cm) maximum AND guests must be under 13 years old to ride. To avoid meltdowns, be sure your child understands if they are within those restriction. If they fall into the right age/height, this is a load of fun! You enter underneath one of the lookout towers and a Cast Member (CM) allows three children at a time to ride the zip line. The child must bring their zip line to the start line and up a small embankment. I have seen CM assist a child onto the seat if needed. Then the child is on their own to swing down the zip line to the finish. It does swing back and forth a bit at after it hits the finish, so your child will need to hang on. It’s super fun and I wish I was in the right age/height to to this ride!

Why Your Preschooler Will Run to Redwood Creek Challenge Trail at Disney's California Adventure

Ropes Course (photo by Disney Magic Diva)

Slides and Climbing – There are hidden gems for kids to find for sliding and climbing and creeks to cross. The ropes course itself is a great gem. There are shorter rope climbs, or tackle the main one and climb up to the tower and across bridges. Inside each tower are exhibits about smoke watch towers. This area is open to any heights and any ages – adults too!

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

Cliff Hanger Traverse Rock Climb

Cliff Hanger Traverse Rock Climb has two rock climbing courses to choose from. DIVA TIP – this has a height requirement of 42 inches (106 cm), and it is open to adults too! This is located near the back of the trail. Continue past the zip line and take two right turns under the next tower. You’ll find the rock climbing here. Just wait your turn, if there is a line, and tackle both courses!

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

Spirit Cave

Spirit Cave is located to the left and past the slides from the rock climb. Here you enter the cave and place your palm over the spot on the wall in the enchanted cave. An image will form next to your palm to let you know which animal you are in spirit. I have done this numerous times and only get one of two animals – either the Eagle or the Wolf. No height requirement for entering the cave!

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

Which animal are you?

Have you spent time here? What do you like to do best? Let me know in the comments!

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