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Gems of Disney California Adventure Park - Sorcerer's Workshop
By Tinker Belle Diva

Sorcerer's Workshop

Draw your own still-to-animation

In February, I introduced you to the Animation Academy, one of my favorite ‘gems’ of Disney California Adventure Park (DCA) located inside the Disney Animation Building in Hollywood Land. The Animation Building is full of hidden treasures, and one of them is the Sorcerer’s Workshop. I am surprised to learn how many long-time Disney vacationers, including Annual Passholder, are not aware of this attraction. It is a great one to head to on crowded, hot, or rainy day. We stop by at least once on each of our vacations to DCA.

To get to the Sorcerer’s Workshop, you enter the Disney Animation Building into the Animation Courtyard Gallery. This lobby area is one of my favorite places to take a rest. Scenes and songs from your favorite Disney movies project onto screens and the walls above you. Directly next to the Animation Academy is the line to visit Anna and/or Elsa from Frozen. If you continue past that, you will see a ramp that will take you down into the Sorcerer’s Workshop.

Watch still images turn into motion in these cylinders

There are two rooms to explore in the Workshop. If you were a visitor in the pre-Frozen Days to the Workshop, there used to be three rooms. The third room was Ursula’s Grotto, where you could pick one of many Disney cartoons, and Ursula would “steal” your voice to use in the cartoon clip. At the exit was a Toy Story Zoetrope, which was also removed. There are no rumors, and certainly nothing official from Disney, as to if or when these two great features will return. The two rooms that remain are still fun, and they are the Magic Mirror Realm and the Beast’s Library.

Sorcerer's Workshop

Magic Mirror on the wall…

MAGIC MIRROR REALM – As the name implies, this room has the Magic Mirror from Snow White. It speaks periodically and is accompanied by loud thunder and imposing music, so this could be a bit intimidating for a young child. But your child will enjoy the activities in this room. You can twirl the multiple cylinders within the realm to watch still images from Disney animation turn into motion. Then, take one of the long strips of paper to create your own illusion of motion. To do this, there are pencils at each of the two tables. Then you can use the template guide at the center of the table to draw the rise and fall of a Mickey balloon, or create your own still-to-motion animation. Once you are ready, insert your paper strip into one of the cylinders and watch what happens! There are several other motion animations on the walls of the room to try. Take your time to look at some of the graphics on the walls fo the realm too.

Beast's Library

Does this describe you?

BEAST’S LIBRARY – Continue past the Magic Mirror into the Beast’s Library. Here you will find several chairs with a book on a table in front of the chair. This is an enchanted touch book! Lumiere and Cogsworth will guide you through the process to find out which Disney character your personality most resembles. You will answer a series of questions by touching the answers in the enchanted book. You’ll even have your photo taken to watch yourself transition into your character. Which one will you be?

Beast's Library

Take a rest on one of the chairs

Take the time to explore the library. The image of the Prince above the fireplace will transition from a full painting into one ripped by the Beast. The enchanted rose is upon the mantle of the fireplace. Look around to see the shelves of books and you might find a hidden Mickey too.

The Sorcerer’s Workshop is open to any ages, and is accessible to both wheelchairs and Electric Conveyance Vehicles. Remember, it is a bit dark and loud in the first room if your little one (or your big one) finds that intimidating.

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