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By Soarin’ Diva

Get Your Groove On at Hollywood Studios Disney Junior Dance Party!

December 22, 2018 saw the opening of Disney Junior Dance Party! at Hollywood Studios. This show has been open at Disneyland since 2017 to much success, so it stood to follow that Walt Disney World would get their own version. I don’t typically check out the shows that are geared toward very young kids since my kids are much older now, but since my son and I were on a quest to view the lighting aspects of Disney’s shows, we found ourselves at the back of the room taking in all that encompasses Disney Junior Dance Party!

Characters at Hollywood Studios Disney Junior Dance Party!

Vampirina, Doc McStuffins, Timone and Roadster Racers Mickey

What we discovered is that it’s actually a really cute show.  Hosted by DJ Dee Jay (yes, that name is correct) and Finn Fiesta, this is a very energetic show that will get the wiggles out of any kid.  It’s not your typical dance party though.  When most people think dance party, they just think a room with music blasting and everyone dancing to their own groove.  That’s not what Disney Junior Dance Party! is about though.  This party features tons of upbeat music, songs sung by DJ Dee Jay and Finn Fiesta, lots of flashing party lights, an amazing Mickey Mouse disco ball and a huge video screen as well as a few Mickey Mouse shaped video screens.

Hollywood Studiios Disney Junior Dance Party!

The 25 minute show is set in Hollywood Studios in Animation Courtyard next to Hollywood Brown Derby and there are about 10 shows a day.  It opens with DJ Dee Jay bouncing into the room and introducing herself.  As she hops on stage, she motions to the huge screen and introduces Finn Fiesta, who is still in the screen.  In order to get Finn and anyone else out of the screen and onto the stage, DJ Dee Jay teaches the kids how to “spin them in” like they are spinning records.  As the kids spin Finn in, he appears live on stage and joins DJ in singing and some sweet dance moves.

Finn and DJ begin by singing and teaching the kids a simple dance move they can all do together.  When DJ mentions Mickey and the gang from Mickey’s Roadster Racers, Finn realizes he forgot to send Mickey an invitation to the dance party.  That’s when they video call Mickey and the gang to invite them to the dance party, but will they make it in time since the party has already started?

Hollywood Studios Disney Junior Dance Party!

After hanging up with Mickey, DJ and Finn sing another song while dancing.  After this, They announce that they need the audience to spin Vampirina in.  The kids perform the spin them in move and poof, Vampirina is now on stage, singing a song and dancing.  This is when Vampirina teaches the kids another dance move before exiting.  Once Vampirina has left, DJ and Finn check in with Mickey to see if he’s close, but it seems he’s having a little trouble getting there.

Next, Finn and DJ have the kids spin another character in, Doc McStuffins.  Doc appears on stage to sing and dance a number.  Doc will also teach a new dance move to the kids, everyone performing the dance together.  After the dance, Doc will exit the stage and DJ and Finn check in with Mickey Mouse once more.  Mickey appears to still be having trouble making it to the dance party, so DJ and Finn perform another song while everyone waits.

Hollywood Studios Disney Junior Dance Party!

Party atmosphere at Disney Junior Dance Party!

Next it’s time to “get a little wild” by spinning in Timone from The Lion Guard.  Timone will sing and dance to a song before teaching the kids his dance move.  Again, everyone will perform the move together before Timone exits.  It seems as though Mickey Mouse is pretty close by now, so Finn and DJ lead the kids in chanting for Roadster Racers.  The kids will now spin Mickey Mouse in to all the cheers of everyone in the room.

As Mickey dances and sings on stage, the kids in the audience are having a blast by dancing themselves.  Mickey will also teach his own move to the kids, who will all perform the dance together.  After dancing, Mickey will leave and the dance party will end.

Hollywood Studios DIsney Junior Dance Party!

Mickey Mouse shaped video screen

Hollywood Studios Disney Junior Dance Party

Custom Mickey Mouse disco ball

Disney Diva tip: This room is for a dance party, so it’s a dance floor.  That means when you enter, the kids will sit on the floor until it’s time to get up and boogie.  For those who have a hard time sitting on the floor and getting up from the floor, there are a few benches at the back of the room where you can sit more comfortably, so take advantage of the benches, but get there early if you want to sit on one!

If you have young kids, I think this is a really great way for them to burn some energy and have a great time doing it.  The songs are so energetic, DJ Dee Jay and Finn Fiesta are both really talented, and the characters are icing on the cake.  The room itself is pretty cool and definitely creates a dance party atmosphere.  We were really impressed with all of the lighting, video screens and let’s not forget that epic Mickey disco ball that I immediately fell in love with.  If you go, don’t forget to look up at the ceiling, there’s actually a really big “hidden Mickey” mounted on the ceiling that you can’t miss if you just look up.  I love the incredible attention to detail throughout all of the design elements in the dance party room.

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