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Get your Hand Pulled Candy Cane at Disneyland!
By Tinker Belle Diva

Disneyland 2021 candy cane dates

Dates for the Candy Canes!

We have dates for the World Famous Hand Pulled Candy Canes at Disneyland! This is a big deal because it is a 53-year tradition at the Disneyland Resort, and due to the shutdown, we didn’t have candy canes in 2020. I’m writing an article just about this because these are SPECIAL candy canes and nothing like ones you find in generic retail stores.

These candy canes are made completely by hand. It starts with an extremely skilled Disney Cast Member Candy Cane Maker taking the mix from scratch and adding peppermint extract at boiling temperatures to keep it pliable. Then in those hot condition, the Cast Member hand pulls, rolls, and twists the mixture into the a HUGE (about 18-inches) candy cane for us to enjoy. I have purchased these myself several times and they are by far the best candy canes I’ve ever had. You cannot have a candy cane more fresh than one that was made at 3 am and you are eating by 9 am!

This year will be different from previous years, which was a regular queue to obtain a wristband. This year, Disney is mobile pickup queue. These are my TIPS for getting your hands on a candy cane:

  1. You will need a park reservation for Disneyland on December 7, 9, 15, 21 or 23 or at Disney California Adventure Park on December 8, 14, 16 or 22. You must have those as your starting park! (As of this writing, the only date available for a park reservation with a Park Hopper or 1 Park Ticket is December 7th, but keep checking the Disneyland website to see if those dates will open. There is currently no availability for Magic Key holders).hand pulled candy cane at Disneyland
  2. Get to the park at least an hour before park opening to be as close to the turnstiles as possible.
  3. Once you are let into the park, walk briskly (DO NOT RUN!) and head straight to the location where they will be sold. At Disney California Adventure park it is at Trolley Treats and at Disneyland, it is at Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen.
  4. In the past you lined up to receive a wrist band from a Cast Member. This year you will line up to join the mobile pickup queue. Once the waitlist is activated, you will add your name and phone number. You will then receive a text notification with a time to return to the location to pickup your candy cane. This is not mobile order, this is a mobile queue. If you used the mobile queue before to get a return time for shopping at Downtown Disney District during the shutdown, this will be similar.
hand pulled candy cane at Disneyland

Making the candy canes

THE SUPPLY OF CANDY CANES ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED!! They always have been, and this year will be no different. There is also a limit of one per person, the price will be about $16 each, and no discounts (such as DVC or Magic Key) will apply. Those dates and those location are your only opportunity to get your hands on a candy cane. They will not be sold any other dates or at any other locations.

Be careful as they can easily break! I purchased two of them in 2015, and one almost immediately broke even though it was bubble wrapped. I had better luck in 2019, when we bought 3 candy canes and none of them broke. If you are concerned, rent a locker or return to your hotel to safely store your candy cane. I ended up keeping one as a souvenir and eating one. They are divine!!

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