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by Pin Trading Diva


Have you heard of the emotional roller coaster of a movie that is sweeping the nation? It’s sure to bring out some Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear, and even Disgust! Well I only say that because that’s the name of the main characters in Pixar’s new movie Inside Out. This enlightening movie is not just sticking to the theater, they are spreading some emotions all over Disney parks! Here are a few ways that Inside Out is showing it’s emotional side in Disneyland, DCA, and Downtown Disney.

To start off, Downtown Disney is providing regular screenings of Inside Out in the AMC Theater next to the ESPN Zone. Grab some popcorn and explore Riley’s head as she moves to a new city for the first time. When Joy and Sadness get lost in Riley’s memory banks, it is up to Fear, Anger, and Disgust to get Riley through her transition. As you can imagine things go awry, in a comical sense, as Riley learns the importance of ALL of her emotions.

You can also #SPREADJOY in collaboration with  Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls campaign outside of the theater by sharing your emotions through social media in front of this Dallas Clayton art piece. Share the message of embracing your feelings by hashtagging #BEEMOTIONALINSIDEOUT and tagging you and your friends and family.


Disneyland and DCA has some new merchandise for the Inside Out movie that had been spreading emotions all through the parks. You can buy the whole gang in plush and a mug for any occasion. There are storybooks and figurines with little thought bubbles. You will be filled with joy when you see it all!

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And most importantly, the emotions themselves have come out to visit guests in Disney’s California Adventure in the pre parade everyday at 5 PM. Anger, Joy, Fear, Disgust, and Sadness go behind their control panel and take over California Adventure each afternoon. Joy stays optimistic ready to take on the park, while Sadness revels in what could go wrong. Fear clings to the float wondering if they put on enough sun block and Disgust reminds everyone that she does not like to get sweaty in the heat. And Anger, oh he gets heated thinking about crowds and broccoli pizza. But everyone loves the idea of ice cream – except for brain freezes!

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But overall, Riley’s emotions seem to be having a grand time at DCA. They are enjoying the roller coasters and entertainment and they may sing a song or two (who’s our friend who likes to play? Bing Bong! Bing Bong!) The dancers around the float pass around and play with other memories of Riley’s along the way. They even show the correct emotion when they hold a particular memory (blue ball = sadness etc).


The characters of Inside Out are having quite the adventure in Disney parks with all their pre-parade excitement. And we can bring out our emotions along the way through watching the movie and buying special merchandise inspired by Riley’s lovable emotions. Be on the lookout for meet and greets as well, rumor has it that they are coming soon!

Disney Lover! I love to visit Disneyland, collect Disney pins, blog for Disney Divas, take pictures at Disneyland, and fit Disney idealism into my everyday life. My partner in crime is my mom and we have been a Disney Duo for over 4 years. Walt Disney has become one of my heroes and I am motivated to learn and be more like him in my life. "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." My Disney Dream is to work for the Mouse and I am moving in that direction every day.