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by Fairy Diva

During the holiday season, one of Disney’s classic rides, Jungle Cruise, gets a Christmas makeover. For the second year in a row, the ride is renamed the Jingle Cruise, and offers a bit of quirky merriment for all who take the adventurous cruise. Our family sailed through the holiday jungle at Walt Disney World, and it was fun for everyone.

jingle cruise 1

The Jingle Cruise offers park guests a festive, yet still familiar, ride experience. The Jungle Cruise, located in Adventureland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, is a 10-minute boat ride through exotic-themed locations like the Amazon in South America, the African Congo, the Nile River and the Mekong River. Along your journey you will spot hippos, elephants, lions, huge butterflies and even a few headhunters! Guiding your journey is a skipper, sure to make you smile with some especially silly banter.

The ride remains the same throughout the holiday season, but is appropriately decorated with a festive feel and the jokes from the skippers are mostly holiday related. Upon entering the attraction queue, park guests will notice someone has decked the halls with holiday décor. Around every corner you will find a Christmas tree, garland, or a wreath. Even the tarantula in a cage is feeling the holiday spirit by sporting a Santa hat!


jingle cruise 4

jingle cruise 5

Arriving to board the boats, guests are welcomed to go  “a wassailing.” All boats have been creatively renamed for the Jingle Cruise experience. Our journey through the jungle was on Candy Cane Connie.

jingle cruise 2

jingle cruise 7

As your boat drifts throughout the winding rivers of far-off places, the skippers are sure to jingle all the way with holiday jokes and puns. Most donned Santa hats for the special voyages. As with every journey on the Jungle (and Jingle) cruise, our skipper did not disappoint.

jingle cruise 12

The ride remains the same as always, but each scene has been decorated. It is not uncommon to spot a gorilla, dressed to impress for the holidays, as it trashes a camp. Holiday decorations welcome guests into the shrine, which is home to baboons and cobras. Wrapped gift boxes are tossed in all areas throughout the ride and a few have even made it into the waters alongside your boat!

jingle cruise 6

jingle cruise 9

jingle cruise 8

Even the headhunters get into the holiday season! Trader Sam (now called Trader Sam-ta) changes his sign to celebrate the Jingle Cruise. Doesn’t everyone need a “head” start on shopping for the holidays?

jingle cruise 11

Fans of the Jungle Cruise will  surely enjoy the features added on the Jingle Cruise. While the ride remains the same, I enjoyed the Jingle Cruise, with its decorated scenes and holiday cheer, as much, if not more, than the original ride. Be sure to take a trip on the Jingle Cruise if you are visiting Disney’s Magic Kingdom this holiday season. The Jingle Cruise is available during regular park hours, as well as during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

For another look at the Jingle Cruise, check out Disneylove Diva’s review here. Are you ready to take a Jungle Cruise (or Jingle Cruise)? Contact Patricia with All for Dreams Travel to plan your trip today!

Breck is a true Disney addict! When not incorporating Disney fun into everyday life, she is constantly planning her family's next great adventure to Walt Disney World or on the Disney Cruise Line. She is a member of the Disney Vacation Club.