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by Tonga Princess Diva

Going bagless in DisneyPacking light has become a personal mission through the many trips I have made to Walt Disney World. Each trip I  trim down my “must have” items. Have you found yourself looking longingly at the “no bags” security line? 

Flashback to my first trip I had a full-size back pack jammed packed with layers of clothes, my  trusty Passporter Guidebook to reference for park touring and collect keepsakes, water, camera, film (yes film!), batteries…and the list went on. O.M.Goodness did that get heavy by the end of the day. 

This was before cell phones were smart and we all yearned to unplug. Advanced dining reservations were optional and fast passes were paper and just starting out. Gosh…I miss those days. Am I alone?
Diva Tip: Balance maximizing park plans with pausing, reading your families state and living in the moment. It is about FAMILY moments not beating your friends ride count! 

After many nights with a sore and sweaty back I started to realize I never even reached for many of the items in that trusty backpack. Add in advances in technology and changes to park touring strategies and many of the items became obsolete.
Diva Tip: Consider having each member carry their own “park essentials”. Everyone should share the load and he families essentials may trim down over time. 

Packing Your Backpack

Photo Credit: Sleepy Diva

Think that Diva Tip is not possible as a Mom? Here is what Canadian Diva says about that. “As a mom, traveling light is really hard. We tend to over pack all the time! I love Max Lucado’s book, “Traveling Light for Mothers”. It speaks of the spiritual aspect of overburdening ourselves as mothers which also translates to the physical stuff as well. We always want to overpack (spiritually and physically) for that “just in case” instead of trusting that everything will be okay. I’ve learned to not overpack when going to the Disney Parks (and in general). I do make my kids carry their own essentials. My teenage daughter carries her own backpack with extra clothes (especially after going on Kali River Rapids multiple times) and her Character Autograph book (in a ziplock back of course).My preschooler is old enough to have his own small backpack with a couple of diapers and wipes. As he gets older I will let him carry his own extra clothes as well.When I have a lighter bag, I feel lighter, like a big weight literally off my shoulders. I’m able to enjoy time with my family more without things weighing me down! It’s hard to have self-control to pack lighter but when you do, it is rewarding.”

Back to me! 🙂 I have progressed to a small crossbody. This allows me to feel footloose and fancy-free while carrying the perfect amount of essentials. Well, essentials for me!  
Lighten Your Disney Park Pack! Lighten Your Disney Park Pack

Recently I found running bag, okay it’s a slim fanny pack, that I am going to give a try. I am still a Gal on a mission though…I’m hoping to find the ultimate pair of cargo shorts for future trips and be completely bag free!

Bagless in Disney

Here is my list of essentials for a Grown Up Disney day in the Parks:

  • 1 32oz bottle of water — I refill it at water fountains throughout the park 
  • Cell Phone – for pictures and My Disney Experience
  • Cash 
  • Identification – personal ID, DVC, Annual Passholder
  • Sunglasses
  • Ibuprofen – just a couple 

Don’t get me wrong there are special occasions when I will bring my camera, extra clothes, and the like. Generally, this is for specific events, such as firework shows and special hard ticket events such as Disney Early Morning Magic – Fantasyland where time, travel, and touring are limited.
Diva Tip: Each night check your park touring plan for the next day and customize the essentials that you will need. 

Park Bag Contents

Park Bag Contents – Pixie Dusted Diva

Even if I find the ultimate pair of cargo shorts water continues to the tricky item to travel with. I am trying to find a water bottle holder that I can loop to my waist. 

Diva tip: I encourage you to give thought to what is essential for you to have at your fingertips. Backpacks are great but no matter how light they seem in the morning they get heavy. They also get hot on the back. They can be cumbersome and tricky on rides. 

What is your bag strategy in the parks? Sleepy Diva shared her bag contents here, as pictured above. Share your favorite hands free methods!