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By Dopey Diva

On my family’s most recent visit to Disney World my oldest son had mentioned wanting to meet Dr. Strange. I knew Dr. Strange had been out at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but wasn’t really sure where, and honestly had no interest in meeting him, mainly because I had not seen the movie and was not familiar with him at all. BUT as we were exiting Toy Story Mania from the new track, we were checking out the divider walls for the construction of the new Toy Story Land and my son happened to see something he knew was for Dr. Strange. Disney Diva Tip: There was no major announcement regarding this meet and greet and unless you know what you’re looking for, you might have difficulty finding it (unless there are swarms of people watching). Since my oldest son was familiar with Dr. Strange and the movie, he noticed the sign for the Daily Bugle newspaper box that has the headline “STRANGE INCIDENTS IN THE CITY” and features a photo of Doctor Strange. On the side of the box, you’ll see a sign that reads “DISCOVER THE MYSTIC ARTS” and lists times for the day. The final clue is to find the Atlas Books building on Bleecker Street and then you have found the meet and greet. Since he was coming out in about 10 minutes, we decided to wait so my oldest son could meet him. I had no idea it was not a character meet and greet but instead an interactive show similar to, but not as great as, the Jedi Training Academy.


During the experience, Dr. Strange walks around the audience and chooses approximately 10 young sorcerers that he believes posses a gift of the mystic arts through different spells and techniques that will hone their skills to join him in training. My oldest son, who really wanted to meet Dr. Strange made an effort to NOT get chosen but my youngest son, who knew nothing about Dr. Strange was chosen to participate in the experience. (Your child does NOT have to participate if they are chosen.) The “chosen ones” undergo a training with Dr. Strange and are taught how to activate their “third eye” and unleash their “alternate spiritual self” through meditation and hand gestures. First there is a group training with all the children and then they are individually called upon by Dr. Strange to show everyone their newly learned “gift”.  The show uses some very clever slight of hand tricks, most often used by magicians, as well as some very cool special effects.



This show is entertaining but it is a bit long, about 30 minutes, and Dr. Strange seems to repeat the same things over and over. Other than that it is definitely something the whole family can enjoy. Once the show is over the children are allowed to have their photos taken with Dr. Strange by a Disney Photo Pass cast member but the adults are not permitted to do so. However, if there is an adult fan in your group who would like a picture with Dr. Strange you are allowed to take one with your own camera/ phone.

**Note** Due to  licensing restrictions imposed by the contract with Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure, Disney may not advertise Dr. Strange using the Marvel brand name. However, sharp-eyed comics fans will notice some newly installed props in the area referencing Marvel Universe icons such as The Daily Bugle.

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