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by Allergy Mom Diva

Milk Snob Infant Car Seat Cover Review and Giveaway!

Milk Snob Car Seat Cover Review and Giveaway

As most moms know, any baby item that can serve more than one purpose is a huge win! I was given the opportunity to review a Milk Snob infant car seat cover that does just that.

Milk Snob was created by Melanie Disbrow, a mother of three who understands that parents want items that are not only practical and inexpensive, but that are also gorgeous to look at.  This led her to create adorable car seat covers that can be used on high chairs, shopping carts, and infant swings. Moms can also wear the cover while breastfeeding – talk about a multi-purpose item!

Milk Snob Infant Car Seat Cover Review and Giveaway!

Disney Covers

Based on just that description, I was very excited to get my hands on one of the Milk Snob covers… and then I found out that they have Disney-themed covers! Well, that sealed the deal! It sounded like the perfect item for my baby and me.

Milk Snob currently has four Disney themed covers: Mickey, Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, and Bambi. They are all lovely, and for a Disney fan, it is hard to pick just one. The Minnie Mouse cover perfectly matched our car seat, but I also loved the subtly of the Bambi cover. After much debate, I ended up choosing the Bambi cover. I loved it’s neutral colors that would work well as a breastfeeding cover.

Review of Cover

When I opened the Milk Snob package, I was pleased to see the cover looked exactly like the one pictured on the website. I also love when handwritten notes are included in a purchase – makes it much more personal!

When I took the cover out of the package, I immediately noticed how soft and stretchy it was. I just wanted to cuddle up with it! (Hmmmm… maybe I should ask them to make adult size blankets! Or an adult onesie? Wouldn’t that be amazing??).

Milk Snob Infant Car Seat Cover Review and Giveaway!

Car Seat Cover

It was very easy to put the Milk Snob cover on our infant car seat. The fabric is very stretchy and with just a little tweaking, it fit perfectly. I have used different covers that would blow all over the place in the wind, with me constantly fighting to keep the cover off the baby’s face. Since the Milk Snob cover is securely wrapped around the entire top of the car seat, it doesn’t move when it is hit with a gust of wind. I love that!

I also like that the cover has an opening on top for the car seat handle. That space allows mom or dad to keep an eye on the baby without needing to lift up or move the cover (which is especially helpful when trying to avoid waking a sleeping baby!). Furthermore, Milk Snob uses a very breathable fabric which will be nice on hot summer days.

Milk Snob Infant Car Seat Cover Review and Giveaway!

Nursing Cover

I really liked that I could pull this cover off the car seat and quickly slide it over my head to use as a nursing cover. It is one less thing for me to carry around (I often feel like I am packing for a vacation every time I leave the house!). My baby gets warm very quickly when using most nursing covers. However, the Milk Snob cover is more lightweight than other covers I have used, and it seemed to keep us both a bit cooler. It is also fairly loose so my infant was able to move around a bit while nursing.

Milk Snob Infant Car Seat Cover Review and Giveaway!

Other Uses

The Milk Snob cover can be used in shopping carts. My baby is too small to sit in a grocery cart yet, but I will definitely use it when she is bigger. It is so lightweight that it is easy to toss into our diaper bag and bring it into the store.  I don’t even want to know how many germs must live on those shopping carts! This also makes it a great option to cover dirty restaurant high chairs or well-used park swings.

In addition, it seems the cover could be used at home in high chairs or infant swings to help keep them clean (since we all need to resell those baby items that are only used for a few months!). If the baby makes a mess, the cover can be easily washed in cold water.

Milk Snob Infant Car Seat Cover Review and Giveaway!

Other Covers and Merchandise

If a Disney cover isn’t your thing, they also have many other ones that are delightful! From floral to woodland to stripes, they have a cover that would be perfect for just about anyone. I especially liked the vibrant colors of the French Floral cover and the understated grey of the Heather Stripe one. Check out the selection here:

Besides the covers, Milk Snob also sells swaddles, pouches (aka sleep sacks) and baby-wearing wraps. And, I can’t even handle the darling Hello Baby Sets! They are made up of a newborn blanket that can be used as a swaddle and a matching hat. So cute!

Milk Snob Infant Car Seat Cover Review and Giveaway!


Not only are these covers so versatile, but they are also very affordable. Prices range from $36-42 and can be used well after your little one has grown out of their infant car seat.


Would I recommend the Milk Snob Nursing Cover to a friend? Absolutely! It is cute, easy to use, and has multiple functions. It would make a great baby shower gift!


Now is time for the good part! Milk Snob has graciously agreed to give away an infant car seat cover to one of our lucky readers in a Disney Baby pattern of your choice!

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Disney Diva Disclaimer: Milk Snob has graciously provided Allergy Mom Diva one cover in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed in this article are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.

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