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by Fairy Diva

Part of the whole Walt Disney World experience is waiting in line. It is not one of the highlights of a trip, but is often necessary. This proves to be even more challenging when you have little ones in tow. Minutes can feel like hours as you wait in line for an attraction with children who quickly become impatient. Fortunately, many of the rides have exceptional queues that help the time spent waiting a little more tolerable. My daughter has a favorite, and I must admit, it is a great spot for all children to actually enjoy waiting in line. If you were to ask my toddler which ride and line is her favorite she would quickly respond with “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.” Here is a closer look at what makes this queue one of the best at Magic Kingdom when traveling with children.

Pooh 11

When first approaching the ride, you are welcome to enter Piglet’s House. Little ones can explore the inside. As you enter the line, a wide array of interactive experiences await before you get on the ride.

Pooh 2


Pooh 1


First up is Rabbit’s Garden. Here, younger guests are welcomed to bang on the vegetables (drums), crawl through tunnels made of stacked crates, play a hide-and-seek gopher game, and explore other hidden gems. This area can be a bit chaotic and noisy, but the area is closed off by a fence, making it unlikely to lose track of your little ones. Kids can roam freely through this area, while adults wait in line.

Pooh 13


Pooh 7


Pooh 12


Pooh 6


As the line progresses, kids can rejoin their travel party and enjoy moving bees around a maze through hives. At this point, those using a FastPass will move to a different line, meaning you miss the next feature. If you are in a hurry, this is fine, but if you weren’t able to score a FastPass or your child wants to ride for the third of fourth time of the day, then more excitement awaits!

Pooh 4

As the line progresses, you will find several walls of “honey,” looking as though it is dripping right out of the pots above. The honey is actually a touch screen that allows guests to swirl and move the honey around, revealing hidden images underneath. You can also just enjoy moving the honey around with your hands or fingers and create images. This is a fun way to pass time in line, and each wall features different hidden images. The Honey Wall is a favorite for both of my children (and my husband and I as well)!

Pooh 3


Pooh 15

At this point, will be directed to the numbered honey pot line for your ride. Now you are ready to hop in your oversized honey pot and enjoy The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh!

Pooh 9

There are several attractions with outstanding queues at Walt Disney World, but the line at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh tops our family’s list and is, without a doubt, my toddler’s favorite. What is your favorite queue at Walt Disney World?

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Breck is a true Disney addict! When not incorporating Disney fun into everyday life, she is constantly planning her family's next great adventure to Walt Disney World or on the Disney Cruise Line. She is a member of the Disney Vacation Club.