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By Superhero Diva

So much energy, effort and excitement goes into the planning of your great Disney vacation. Then the day finally arrives and you are standing just outside the Disneyland gates and you think to yourself, “This is it, we are finally here!”.  As you walk down Main Street, you are flooded with memories of past visits and full of excitement for the ones to come this visit! It’s such a great and warm feeling, that Disney Magic.>
However, like many things, your trip must come to an end.  As you ride with your family to the airport for your departure home you probably think, “I wish we had just one more day till we had to go home.” After arriving home you sometimes feel a little down…after so much build up for months you feel like “Now what?”. It makes me sad just thinking about that feeling.

So what can you do to help you and your family recover from Post Disney Syndrome?  I have a list of some ideas that my family uses and I hope they can help you too in your time of Disney need.

#1 – Get those pictures printed!

I know that many of us take TONS of pictures while at Disney.  But in this digital age, many people just leave those pictures on their phones or cameras and never print them.  So print them, hold those memories and share them.  Nowadays there are so many low cost ways to get your photos printed that there is no excuse.  You can frame, scrapbook prints and even mail some to Grandma and Grandpa.  Yeah you know that autograph book your kids just had to have with the picture slot next to each autograph page? It would be awesome to actually have it filled with the matching photos before your next trip…right?

There is all kinds of Disney Items to help show off your trip pics!

There is all kinds of Disney Items to help show off your trip pics!

#2 – Did someone say music?

A friend recommended to me to buy the Disneyland soundtrack on our last trip.  I thought about it and decided not to, thinking we wouldn’t really use it.  Well as soon as my family and I returned home after our last trip to Disneyland, I can tell you I totally regretted not purchasing that soundtrack. You can buy CDs of Disneyland music in the parks or online. I believe there are even podcasts or apps that talk about the daily happenings and music at the parks. I still need to do this for myself because it’s such a great idea.

#3 – Movie anyone?

Sometimes you just need a little Disney fix when you start missing it again.  A great way to get a taste of Disney is to watch a Disney film, whether it’s an old classic or a newbie with the family.  My family has Friday movie nights; we always do this before and right after a Disney trip. Our daughter likes to watch movies that has a Disneyland ride themed after it when we return from our trips.

Disney movies are a great!

Disney movies are great!

#4 – Planning

Planning your next Disney trip is the best way to cure your post Disney syndrome even if it’s not your own trip.  Helping a friend plan their Disney trip is a great way to share you knowledge and love for the parks, especially if this is their first trip. Share the maps you’ve stashed away, photos you’ve taken and your own tips to help make their trip planning even better!
Brainstorm about your own upcoming Disney trip. What time of year will you go? Are you going to try and stay at a new hotel? How many days in the parks? What was that one souvenir you totally regret not bringing home? What character did you miss meeting that you have to make it your mission to met this next trip? The list can just go on with so many ideas…so many memories yet to be made!

Wow, I think that writing this article up for you all has restarted my post Disney syndrome! It’s okay. I took a deep breath and just looked at the countdown I have on my phone, it says only 75 more days till my next Disney trip, thank goodness.  🙂