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By British Diva 

Lost in the mists of time before either our mobiles (cell phones) or the world wide web constantly updated us on the status of our loved ones lives; everyone enjoyed receiving the abounding human touch of a hand written communication, personally delivered to our homes by the postman (mailman).

A selection of some of my favourite old WDW postcards.  

I’d love you to revive the trend of sending holiday (vacation) postcards home and here’s why…..

The personal touch – visualise Grandma’s face when she receives her carefully chosen postcard depicting your resort or a favourite Disney vista, all beautifully handwritten with a personal message, perhaps including the phrases “lots of love” and “Wish you were here” – now if that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy; just imagine how Grandma’s feeling. 

Educational – by encouraging your child to:
– choose and then purchase a postcard and stamp,
– think about it’s journey and final destination, 
– compose and write the postcard to their teacher and classmates.
Without knowing it your child will have learnt lessons in independence, numeracy, geography, literacy and improved handwriting skills. 

Inexpensive – a cost effective way and tangible to say ‘I saw this and thought of you“.  A small postcard plus an airmail stamp to the UK will cost you around £1.80 ($2.89) each. 

The postcard race – it’s a standing joke here in the UK that us Brits always make it home before our postcards do.  Try it for yourself and see if you can beat the Royal Mail or US Postal Service! 

Just for fun! – finding an apt and humorous postcard, then sending it to someone with whom you can share the joke can be a lot of fun! 

Scrapbook souvenirs – postcards are a really simple way to fill up a scrapbook and what better way to cheer up a rainy afternoon than to flick through your very own book of Disney memories. 

Surprise! – choose a Mickey Mouse postcard and sneakily mail it home to surprise your younger children with a hand written note from “Mickey” saying how much he enjoying meeting them during their stay! 

Go nuts! – cast adrift some Caribbean booty in the form of a coconut postcard!
Yes, you did read that right…..these unique pre-drained and Disney decorated coconuts can purchased from “The Pirates Bazaar”; near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, “Bou-Tiki” at The Polynesian Resort or at “The Calypso Trading Post” at The Caribbean Resort.  

My special thanks goes to Nick The Disney Devo(tee) for the above 2013 postcard pics!

British Diva’s TOP TIP  – Before leaving home write all your postcard recipients names and addresses on white gummed labels and voila you’re all ready to just stick ’em on to your chosen cards! 

Don’t think of it as snail mail……

Postcards can be purchased from all the Resorts, in most merchandise shops (stores) across the parks & at Downtown Disney. Along with your postcards you will also be able to purchase postage stamps at these locations too; just enquire with the Cast Member at the till point. 

Post (mail) boxes are located here:
Magic Kingdomat the entrance underneath the Main Street Station and another positioned on a lamp post at the end of Main Street.
EPCOT: in the entrance Plaza, another near the Germany Pavilion & my favourite the very recognisable red of the Royal Mail post box in the United Kingdom Pavilion. 
Animal Kingdom: near Garden Gate Gifts at the main entrance.
Hollywood Studios: near Oscars Super Service at the main entrance.

What are you waiting for?  The next time you’re in Disney why not revive the old family tradition of sending postcards; the folks at home will love you for it! 

Maybe sign it using true old fashioned British style with TTFN! (Ta-Ta For Now!)