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by Budget Diva

There are many ways to save for Disney World!

Many people do not realize this but you can bring your own food into the parks! I always recommend that you pack a soft sided cooler (hard coolers are not allowed) and bring plenty of drinks, juice boxes, etc and snacks for your children. I even pack our whole family a big lunch and bring it each day to save even more money. You can read a whole article about that RIGHT HERE!

The average family of 4 spends $50+ on a quick service meal for lunch at Disney World. Most kids meals are $6 to $8 inside the theme parks. So order off the kids menu if you’re not a big eater, have your kids also split 1 kids meal if they are not good eaters. Snacks add up quickly too. Ice cream can cost as much as $5. You can read more about that HERE.

Another great way to save for Disney World is to limit the amount of meals that you eat out. Request a refrigerator/microwave for your hotel room (ALL Disney hotels now have complimentary refrigerators). This is a great way to ensure that you can prepare meals in your room and save money! You can microwave easy mac, soup, spaghettio’s, etc for your kids.

Are you flying? You can have the food delivered to your hotel by the Garden Grocer.

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar–a popular ‘must have’ snack $3.50
You can “do Disney” for much cheaper than you think, but these three tips MUST be at the core of your plans or else you will blow your budget sooner than you think!
Happy Eating!
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