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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012

10 Tips for Single Parent and Traveling to Walt Disney World

Author: Kid @ Heart Disney Devo If this is your first time traveling to Disney World or as a single parent, give yourself about an extra month or two of planning.  Start about 8 months before your day of departure. Tip 1: Age of Kids I personally would take child(ren) that are at least 6-7 ,7-8 is ideal, the reason is a lot of walking, long days, and they will have that excitement keeping them going everyday, but younger is fine just a little different strategies. Tip 2: Shoes When you know you are planning a trip, one thing is to buy new sneakers for the trip and wear them once a week to start breaking them in, and start walking three times a week with the kid(s) to start getting their little legs and feet prepped for those long days and a lot of walking. Tip 3:Park Parties Consider taking your family some time in the last three weeks of October to enjoy the Halloween theme, and fun times.  You should get separate tickets to the Micky’s...

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