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Posted by on Feb 19, 2013

Should I buy into Disney Vacation Club?

Author: Disney Diva Disney Vacation Club is one of the best money saving deals for families that visit Walt Disney World frequently! I know what you’re thinking… “Disney Diva” you smirk to yourself, “how can spending money save you money?” Well let me tell you my darlings, if I would have bought into Disney Vacation Club when we first started going I’d be staying on the monorail loop EVERY time now and not having to deal with 5 zillion people shoved into the All Star Resort buses at 12am post-fireworks. So, as you know, Nick the Disney Devo (tee) is a huge Disney Vacation Club guy. If you don’t know anything about it I suggest you read his great article on the Pros and Cons of DVC Membership. Essentially Disney Vacation Club is like any other timeshare. You pay a fee to “buy in” you pay yearly upkeep fees, and you get to book into the nicest accommodations on the Walt Disney World property. Namely, the Disney Villas. You...

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Posted by on Feb 12, 2013

Postcards from Disney World…….reviving a trend.

By British Diva  Lost in the mists of time before either our mobiles (cell phones) or the world wide web constantly updated us on the status of our loved ones lives; everyone enjoyed receiving the abounding human touch of a hand written communication, personally delivered to our homes by the postman (mailman). A selection of some of my favourite old WDW postcards.   I’d love you to revive the trend of sending holiday (vacation) postcards home and here’s why….. The personal touch – visualise Grandma’s face when she receives her carefully chosen postcard depicting your resort or a favourite Disney vista, all beautifully handwritten with a personal message, perhaps including the phrases “lots of love” and “Wish you were here” – now if that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy; just imagine how Grandma’s feeling.  Educational – by encouraging your child to:– choose and then purchase a postcard and stamp,– think about it’s journey and final destination, – compose and write the postcard to their teacher and classmates.Without knowing it your child will have learnt lessons in independence, numeracy, geography, literacy and improved handwriting skills.  Inexpensive – a cost effective way and tangible to say ‘I...

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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012

From A – Z, Disney planning TIPS that will help me and YOU!

Author: Canadian Diva I have to admit something to you, I’m practically a newbie compared to the rest of the Diva team who have been to Disney World and Disneyland hundreds of times. I am a great researcher however (who knew skills I developed from University would be used towards planning trips to Disney World?) and I am a pretty good planner, but my true role models are the DIVA TEAM. So how will I be planning for my next trip? Without further adieu, here are the A – Z’s of what will help me and YOU…….. A – ALOHA! Well, the Spirit of the Aloha show at the Polynesian Resort! Budget Diva mentioned how it was the best money she spent on her trip and she is the BUDGET DIVA, so it must have been great. See here and also here for the Disney Diva’s review as well!! B – Baby Centres. I no longer feel it will be insane to bring a BABY to Disney World or Disneyland after...

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Posted by on Jan 16, 2012

Meet the divas

Pin It Meet the Diva team: (click on each writers names to find articles written by them)Meet the Diva team: (click on each writers names to find articles written by them) THE Disney Diva (Co-Director and founder of site) Director of all things Walt Disney World on the site D’Land Diva (Site Co-Director) Director of all things Disneyland on the site Pixie Leslie – the Travel Diva and OFFICIAL TRAVEL AGENT OF TIPS FROM THE DISNEY DIVA British Diva British Diva was the Round 3 finalist for the UK in the 2013 Moms Panel Search! We are so proud of her!  Budget Diva Canadian Diva Dopey Diva  Florida Diva Jersey Diva Kid at Heart Disney Devo Memory Maker Diva Nick the Disney Devo (tee) Our official “Male Perspective” Pirate Diva Princess Diva Savvy Diva Teen...

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