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Posted by on Aug 5, 2013

Tips for Surprising Kids with Disney Trips!

By: Fantasmic Diva It’s not easy to deal with kids who have the pre-Disney trip excitement jitters; these jitters can be avoided by making the trip a surprise…if you can contain your own excitement! There is nothing quite like the look of complete and utter shock and glee on a child’s face when they realize they are going to the most magical place on earth! I’ve been surprised with a trip over the week of Halloween and I have been privileged enough to be on the other side, a co-conspirator in surprising others with the trip of a lifetime. Two things are key to making it work (well maybe more…) The number one most important thing is maintaining the secrecy and the surprise. My parents were experts…they told NO ONE until they had to. The extended family got calls from us saying we were leaving when we were at the airport and my teachers (I was in high school) were notified the week before and did not say a...

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