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Posted by on Jul 11, 2013

VIDEO: TIPS for riding the Walt Disney World Tram

If you plan on driving a car to Walt Disney World then you need to know a bit more about riding on the tram. Especially if you plan on renting a stroller or bringing your own stroller.  For first time visitors to Disney, the tram could cause you problems you hadn’t thought of! And for those of you staying off property for the first time (get lots of tips for staying off property HERE) it could become a major headache. Here’s a little video with a tip for you, its especially important if you’re bringing a stroller!...

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Posted by on Feb 27, 2013

WDW First visit landing

WDW First visit landing

Hi! So its your first trip, are you overwhelmed yet? We’ve tried to pull the information you absolutely need to know as you plan. We’ve got TONS more information to look through on our planning tips page, but here are your essentials! Feel free to ask us questions.Click on the words to read articles: SIX MONTH PLANNING SCHEDULE (seriously, don’t miss this article)  When should I go? How does the Disney Dining Plan work?  Should I use a travel planner? (hint: yes, they’re free)  What ages are appropriate for what ride? What Disney Movies should I watch before I go and where do I go to get autographs?  What are some tips for me if I stay off property?  How do Extra Magic Hours work?  How do I get to early morning dining reservations if I’m on property?  Can I bring food into Walt Disney World?  What does some of this Disney Jargon mean? Should I get a Disney Visa?   Where should I get tickets & what kind should...

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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012

10 Commandments of Disney World Vacation Planning

BONUS READING FOR ALL MY EAST COAST FRIENDS GETTING STIR CRAZY ALREADY! STAY SAFE!  Author: Disney Diva Many people have a miserable time at Disney World because they do not seem to understand that its not what you do, its what ORDER you do things in that makes your trip successful. ”  – Diva husband Its so absolutely true its ridiculous. We saw people jumping from major ride to major ride and standing in insanely long character lines and just shook our head. At the heart of it, I believe, is that people don’t understand how to use fast-pass to its full advantage. For example, people will get a fast pass for Space Mountain and then foolishly go and wait in Splash mountain for an hour!! NO NO NO, you’re not maximizing your trip people. So let us give you a few hints to help you use those fast passes better and understand what order to do things in to avoid the major Time Pitfalls of WDW. 10 commandments...

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Posted by on Aug 2, 2012

The Top Five Disneyland Mistakes to avoid

The Top Five Disneyland Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemBy D’land Diva I am a frequent visitor to the Disneyland Resort, so I have learned the hard way about the mistakes you can make at Disneyland. Here are my top five mistakes and what you can do to avoid them and enjoy your vacation! 1) Wearing flip flops, no sunblock and no hat. I realize there are three things here, but they go together. We have summer like weather a lot at Disneyland, but we also have crowds and lots of strollers. Avoid blisters and getting your feet run over by avoiding flip flops. Wear sneakers! The sun can also bring misery to your vacation with sunburn (even on your scalp). Wear sunblock and a hat to avoid heatstroke and painful sunburns. There are some more walking tips here. For your perfect Disneyland backpack, check this out. 2) Expecting it to not be crowded. There are over one million annual pass holders and Disneyland is a lot smaller in...

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Posted by on Jul 2, 2012

Top 10 Cast Members Biggest Pet Peeves

Author: Guest Blog from Kate at As a former Cast Member I thought I’d share with you today my Top 10 so that you can help make our day better as we make yours better. Top 10 Cast Members biggest pet peeves dealing with Guests 1- People who try and cut in line. I dealt with this a good deal at Character Greetings where families would try & cut in front of others. This can get you kicked out of WDW. Don’t act entitled ! I just tried to diffuse these situations ASAP before fights would start! 2- Extremely Large Groups My friend was working at Space Mt one day & it was broken down. My friend explained this to a Brazilian Tour Group to only get spit on & kicked at from this group! I attended Fantasmic and a large group around me was overly loud & ruined my first experience of seeing Fantasmic but there are SO many of them it is hard to control sometimes....

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