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by Fairy Diva

Our family loves roller coasters. When we visit Walt Disney World we never miss our favorite coasters- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Expedition Everest, and even the Barnstormer. We have found a coaster that ranks at the top of our favorites, but it isn’t located at Walt Disney World. This coaster can be found sailing through the beautiful waters of the Bahamas or Caribbean. It is called the AquaDuck, and it is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Disney Dream

The AquaDuck can be found on two of Disney Cruise Lines ships, the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy. This amazingly fun ride combines the elements of a water slide with the turns and drops of a roller coaster. The water coaster is the first to exist on a cruise ship.


With its entrance located on Deck 12 of both ships, the AquaDuck is a 765 foot long ride that takes passengers up, down, off the side and around the ship! Rafts that can hold two passengers launch riders out 12 feet over the ship’s edge, about 150 feet over the beautiful waters below. The AquaDuck continues on a trip around the ship’s deck, through the Forward Funnel, and back around the other side of the ship. The transparent tube of the water coaster allows perfectly unobstructed views for riders. The ride includes several turns and quick drops. While it is a water ride, it does not leave you soaking wet or have any annoying sprays of water to the face, therefore making the ride enjoyable and exciting. Though the ride is very exciting, it is tame enough for my child, who rode it at ages 4 and 5, and myself, who does not typically like water slides.



The Aquaduck is one of many great features on the Disney Cruise Line, making it quite popular. Lines can get long for this ride, so I suggest being in line at the opening times or visit later in the evening for shorter wait times. Diva Tip: One of the best times to ride the AquaDuck is while the boat is docked at a port. The best place to take advantage of this is when the boat is docked at Castaway Cay, when nearly all passengers have disembarked the ship. Our family was able to ride the AquaDuck several times in a row, with no wait! Getting on and off of the ship is very easy at Castaway Cay, so you can enjoy plenty of island time, as well as a few great rides on the AquaDuck. And the view of Castaway Cay is breathtaking.


The AquaDuck has certain operating hours, which can be found in the daily Navigator, placed in your stateroom. Adults and children wanting to ride the AquaDuck must be 42″ or taller. Single riders must be 54″ or taller. Children who are under 7 must ride with someone 14 years of age or older and still meet the 42″ height requirement. This ride is not handicap accessible, and riders must be able to enter and exit the ride on their own. No loose items are permitted while riding the AquaDuck, so be prepared to leave them. There is a small area where you can leave your shoes or other loose items and retrieve them once you exit the ride.

If you are traveling on either the Disney Dream or the Disney Fantasy, do not miss a ride on the Aquaduck. This water coaster is one of the greatest Disney rides that you will not find at a park.


Breck is a true Disney addict! When not incorporating Disney fun into everyday life, she is constantly planning her family's next great adventure to Walt Disney World or on the Disney Cruise Line. She is a member of the Disney Vacation Club.