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by Daisy Diva

As much as I love the nicer restaurants at Disney World–the ones that require a reservation–I also love to check out the counter service spots at the various resorts.  So when our family was staying at the Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge, we decided to hop the shuttle over the Jambo House and enjoy dinner our first night there at The Mara.  Named for a river that runs through Kenya and Tanzania, The Mara is a savanna-themed restaurant that serves the perfect combination of adventurous African foods and more traditional American cuisine.  The menu features African stews and pitas, but it includes pizza and burgers as well.  My whole family enjoyed their meal at The Mara.  Here’s how it went down.


We arrived for a late dinner and found it to be pretty crowded.  We got in line to place our order with an attendant who wrote down our order, turned it in, and gave us a buzzer.  I have a food allergy, so I got to place my order with the chef himself, but all of our food arrived together.  While we waited for our food, we perused the dessert and drink coolers until our buzzer went off and we were able to grab our trays of food and pay at a register.


My kids shared an order of chicken nuggets which were the pretty standard Disney nuggets and fries deal.


I ordered the gluten-free pepperoni pizza which was made fresh by the chef himself and was hot and delicious.


My husband ordered the Half Chicken Dinner with mashed potatoes and fresh green beans.  This is a large meal with a lot of bang for your buck especially if you are on the dining plan as this could easily feed two people with just one counter service credit.  The chicken was juicy and flavorful, and the sides complemented it well.


The Mara features an area with drink machines for use with the Rapid Refill Mugs and a condiment area with all the necessary fixins’ for your burger or sandwich.  It also had all the napkins, straws and cutlery you would need to enjoy your meal.


The eating area was large with plenty of room for all of the diners to find a comfortable place to enjoy their meal.  And it’s themed so beautifully–I loved the murals on the walls.  And the “trees” hanging from the ceiling were so lovely and added just the right amount of texture and color to the décor.


The Mara restaurant is located outside near the Uzima Springs Pool.  It is easy to access both from the lobby and from the pool for a quick snack or a meal between swimming sessions.  Their grab and go section was stocked with lots of choices for breakfast or snacks.  And I’m pretty sure I spotted a pack of the ever popular Zebra Domes in the dessert cooler.  Take my word for it–you don’t want to miss those!

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I am a Disney-loving former second grade teacher turned stay at home mom of two kids whom I homeschool and the wife of a Disney-tolerating husband. (But I think I am slowly starting to convert him!) If I'm not at Walt Disney World, you can probably find me planning my next Disney vacation or day-dreaming about being in the Magic Kingdom. I also love monograms, reading, Sonic Cherry Limeade's, autumn, and teaching kid's church.