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3 Unique and Cheap Disney Souvenirs







There’s no getting around it: a Disney vacation can be expensive. I’ve written previously about how to save up for a trip, and how to save while you’re on your vacation. One of my biggest tips is to *not* buy souvenirs in the parks because they can be very pricey. However, there are a few items that are unique to the Parks that make great souvenirs or gifts:

  • Disney Shopping Bags – in an effort to “go green,” earlier this year the Disney resorts, stores, and cruise ships curtailed the use of plastic everywhere – Reusable Shopping Bag Prices WDWstraws, lids, and bags are slowly disappearing from the parks. Disney started selling a variety of unique reusable shopping bags made from recycled plastic. They are very inexpensive and come in different sizes. These make great gift bags or you can use them like I do: to remind myself of where I’d rather be on a daily basis while I do mundane things like shop for groceries.

    3 Unique and Cheap Disney Souvenirs

    Starbucks mugs in Disneyland.

Diva Tip: If you’re a passholder, you can use your merchandise discount on any of these souvenirs. While you don’t get a passholder discount on Starbucks food or beverages, you do get one on merchandise.

  • Starbucks Coffee Cups – okay, I have a bit of a Starbucks coffee cup addiction. I own over 40. I started collecting the cups as travel souvenirs when we lived in Europe. I was pretty ecstatic to discover that Starbucks locations in the Disney resorts have park-specific mugs, and they are under $20. I now have one from each of the parks in Florida and the two California parks as well. I have given them as gifts, too. The one catch is that they change these mugs frequently, so that you may find yourself tempted to buy a new one every time you visit (this also means that they show up frequently on sale in the Disney outlet and on the website). Another inexpensive souvenir from Starbucks locations in the parks is the miniature cups that are Christmas ornaments.

    3 Unique and Cheap Disney Souvenirs

    Starbucks Christmas ornament


Diva Tip: You don’t have to haul your purchases all over the parks. Have your packages delivered to the front entrance so you can pick them up on the way out. Disney resort guests can have them delivered to their resort.

  • 3 Unique and Cheap Disney SouvenirsSilhouettes – Several of the parks have silhouette artists who use tiny scissors and black paper to craft portraits of you and your loved ones. These have been around for many years. We got portraits of our daughters done over a decade ago and intend on getting them again when we go back and then displaying them side by side. The carts with the silhouette artists are located in the Magic Kingdom, typically on Main Street, and also in Liberty Square. In Epcot, the kiosk is in front of the France Pavilion. There’s also a cart near Ghiradelli in Disney Springs. Prices seem to vary between carts with the ones in Disney Springs being slightly more expensive. But even so, they are inexpensive and have always included two copies. The last time I went, the portraits were a mere $10 per person (and you don’t have to buy their frame, either).

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