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By Wishes Diva

Throughout the years, Disney and Pixar alike have both features siblings in some of their grandest adventures! So much of what we see in the movies feature dynamic duos or terrific trios that go on adventures together! I have gone through all of my favorite Disney and Pixar movies to bring you my list of the Top 5 Sibling Movies. Enjoy!

Top 5 Sibling Disney Movies

1. Frozen/Frozen 2 These movies are basically the ultimate sibling story, so naturally they have to come first. In the first movie, Anna and Elsa move through challenges together including losing their parents and discovering Elsa’s powers and how to handle them. In the sequel, it is more sister adventure when they go in search of the past and the origin of Elsa’s powers.

Anna and Elsa are two sisters full of girl power and strength. They are amazing role models for young girls and girls of any age. Elsa is unafraid to follow her gut and instincts which ultimately help her find her place in the world. Anna is so loyal she is willing to follow her sister through fire and ice to help her. This kind of sisterly bond is an amazing example of the power of love!

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2. Onward- In my opinion, if you mention the girl power sister story of Frozen you have to also mention Disney/Pixar’s newest animated feature, Onward! It is a story of brothers who go on a quest to bring back their father for one day. It has twists and turns, ups and downs, and lots of brother bonding.

Top 5 Sibling Disney Movies

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Ian and Barley are about as different as brothers come. Barley is the older, rough and tumble, unafraid of anything brother. He brings the magic and whimsy to the relationship as well. Ian is the younger, more shy brother. He is very quiet and not willing to put himself out there. As they grow together on their quest they each take on some of the best traits of each other’s personality and it brings them together in the end.

3. Lilo & Stitch- Who can forget Lilo and Nani! While their relationship is unconventional, they are still a powerful sister duo! With their parents having passed, Nani is responsible for her little sister Lilo and all of the excitement that follows her. When Lilo adopts a “dog” that turns out to be an alien experiment chaos ensues. Lilo, Nani, and Stitch with the help of some other intergalactic friends have to protect themselves from Gantu, the captain sent by the Grand Councilwoman of the Intergalactic Federation.

Top 5 Sibling Disney Movies

Wishes Diva & Marvel Diva meet Stitch at Magic Kingdom

The age difference in this sibling relationship makes it a very interesting one. Nani is portrayed to be in her late teens (approximately 18) and Lilo is a young elementary school, most likely 6 years old. Nani is forced into taking on a parental role with her younger sister which strains their sibling relationship. Lilo definitely does not make it easy on Nani; constantly getting in trouble! But throughout the adventures they take on together, they never forget their meaning of O’hana. “O’hana means family, and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

4. Aristocats This feline-friendly movie follows three siblings, Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse, on a wild adventure. When the kittens are cat-napped in an attempt to ransom their owner, they have to stick together to make it back home. Luckily they have their mother, Duchess, and the street-wise alley cat Thomas O’Malley to help!

Top 5 Sibling Disney Movies

Wishes Diva meets Marie at a RunDisney event

These three kitties have three big personalities! Toulouse is the oldest of the trio. He puts on a tough face and wishes to be like those street-wise alley cats he sees. He also loves to paint and play. Marie is the middle kitten and the only girl. She is constantly attempting to mimic their mother with her prim and proper ways. She is a hopeless romantic who often has her head in the clouds. Now Berlioz, the youngest kitten, is quiet and mischievous. He loves to play the piano with Marie but is also easily annoyed and the first to let you know about it! These three kittens, despite their differences, come together to show that teamwork can really save the day.

5. Peter Pan This story features three of the most opposite siblings I’ve come across in a Disney film. Wendy, John, and Michael are all living in the same room of their London home. Wendy, the eldest, very much takes on the role of caretaker, even telling the boys stories of Peter Pan before bedtime! John is inquisitive and bright, and Michael is young and naive. Together the trio flies to Neverland with Peter Pan, who takes them on adventures with the Lost Boys, Captain Hook, and Tinkerbell!

All of these movies have some aspect of their sibling relationship that we can learn from. Love, compassion, and teamwork truly do win the day in these films, which helps them all end happily ever after!

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