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It’s the first Sunday of the month which means we have a great video tip for you! This month’s video offers you tips about the Rider Swap Program. If you are traveling with children who do not meet the height requirements, but you still want to ride those attractions, consider the Rider Swap Program! Disney Diva is here to tell you how it all works.

Hi everyone! My name is Becky aka The Character Diva. I love Disney, and as you can tell from my name, I LOVE the characters... I am a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom and am constantly hanging out with my husband or chasing after our four kids, aka Princess, Little Man, the Gremlin, and the Gremlin-in-Training (usually to take pictures of those goofballs. Seriously, I’m worse than the paparazzi when it comes to photographing my kids... or Disney Characters). :)