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By: Disney Diva

There are two fantastic restaurants to enjoy in the Yacht Club resort that are WORTH the drive/walk over from Epcot or Hollywood Studios. 

They aren’t character meals, but for surf and turf lovers they’re fantastic. I would recommend that you make Advanced Dining Reservations during busier times, but it was walk up when we went. 

In November of 2012 I went to a conference at the Swan and Dolphin. During lunch break someone suggested we go over and try out the Captain’s Grille and we were not disappointed.

The Captain’s Grill is just to your right when you enter from the boardwalk, to your left if you enter through the front doors of Yacht Club. The walls are open so if you chose to walk on by you could peek in and enjoy the sights and SMELLS of the seafood.

Our rather large group of 15 was able to walk along the boardwalk from the Swan to the Yacht Club. We were divided into three tables. One was a large round table and the other two were typical size booths.
I chose the fun folks at the large table, partially because I knew I could persuade them to let me take pictures of their food. Ahhh the perils of being a Disney blogger.

I found the decor to be really understated. Captain’s Grille is potentially the least “themed” restaurant I’ve been to on Disney property. However, because of that its quite relaxing and feels more like just eating at a typical seafood joint.

There was hardly anybody in there. This could be for two reasons… first it was noon in November (a typically slower time anyway) and likely EVERYBODY was in the park. And two, Epcot is in easy walking distance. So people who are wanting something more exotic are literally steps away from eating their way around the world. Doesn’t make much of an argument for a seafood joint.

However, I found the food to be fantastic. I’m not much of a “fish eater” so I went with the “Chef’s Pasta Creation”. It was good but I would have liked just a bit more flavoring in the pasta. 

You can find a complete up to day menu by clicking HERE!!

So if you’re looking for some really fantastic seafood try the Captains Grille. Meals are under $19.00 for lunch and top out at $30 for dinner. 

It’s an easy walk from the Boardwalk Resort, Swan and Dolphin, Beach Club, or even from Epcot. 

Bon Appetite!