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MK1Author: Canadian Diva

As the Tax Season has passed, you probably have money, investments, as well as a whole slew of financial terms swirling (albeit, most likely unwillingly) in your head! A Walt Disney World Vacation may be the last thing on your mind – or the first. You can dream about a Walt Disney World Vacation with all your heart’s desire but the fact is: IT COSTS MONEY! Money is a determining factor on whether you attain it or relinquish this dream. You then ask yourself, is a Walt Disney World Vacation really worth the investment? Well, it ultimately depends on you (and your bank account), however I have compiled a list of financial terms paired with some fantastic Tips from the Disney Diva (and Devo) articles. With sound advicethese articles will help you decide whether a trip to Walt Disney World is the right asset mix for you.

FORECAST: We are not fortune tellers, but our team has altogether been to Walt Disney World thousands of times. The Divas (and Devos) know WHEN the best time to go is, which will give a huge return in your investment. If you go during the WORST times, be forewarned! Sure, many may still have a good time but it will depreciate your experience especially if it is your first time to Walt Disney World. Take note for the BEST and WORST times…

Maximize on your return:  Want the BEST return for your monetary investment to your trip which will create a lifetime of wonderful memories? Well you need to plan, plan, plan. Those who plan well are those who enjoy Disney World the MOST. Here is a great article for you to get started, a 6 month plan…

GOLDEN (fiscal policy) RULE: This article may not solely be based on money however by following these “rules”, it will surely help you have a better vacation. Here is one of my favorite classic, Tips from the Disney Diva articles written by the Disney Diva herself!

ADVISOR: Whenever making a financial commitment, a smart person uses an Advisor to help guide them to amortize their investment. The same is true for a trip to Walt Disney World;  an expert is the way to go and our expert Patricia can help you plan your Vacation of a lifetime. The cost? It’s FREE as long as you book a Walt Disney Vacation package through her.  She reserves all your ADR’s (advanced dining reservations),  plan daily itineraries and even SAVE YOU MONEY with deals and discounts. Here are the Magical Reasons you should contact her.

HOME EQUITY: When you go on a Disney World Vacation, where you stay is your “home away from home“. With this in mind you have to choose your property carefully.  Will you be staying On Property? or Off Property?

  • On Property –  there are many different budgets to serve different needs. Here are the tiers of Disney World On Property accommodations which could help you decide which would suit you financially (and which would not get you into debt by choosing the right way to help stay within your budget).  Disney has 3 tiers: Value, Moderate and Deluxe. We also have reviews for many of the different Resorts to choose from, so don’t forget to search for whichever resort peeks your interest and we guarantee you will find one that is suitable for you. (remember our agent Patricia can help find the perfect Walt Disney World Resort for you and even help save money for you, contact her for a free quote)
  • Off Property – many of the Diva Writing team have successfully stayed off Disney Property as well. Read Florida Diva’s reason to stay off property. And Disney Diva’s review on her experience renting a home.

BUDGETING: For everything you will spend your hard earn money on, you need a plan and a budget. Here is an article that our extraordinary D’land Diva wrote about budgeting at Disneyland which could apply to Walt Disney World as well (by the way, check out the many amazing articles we have on Disneyland planning).  Are you a college student? Here is an awesome article on college students going to Disney World on a Budget. Another GREAT article about budgeting with children here by the Disney Diva.

EGGS IN A BASKET: Should you place all your eggs in one basket? In Walt Disney World terms, I am talking about putting everything together in a package, this includes your theme park tickets, your resort accommodations and the various dining plan options. If you are staying off property, then you would have to do everything separately. Now putting all your eggs in one basket is not advisable in financial terms however if done right, putting all your “eggs” in one basket could benefit you and save you money on a Walt Disney World Vacation. Disney World offers many special promotions throughout the year like: “Free Dining”, “Stay, Play and Dine” as well as “Room Discount” offers where you could add on theme park tickets and dining. The best thing to do is to get a Authorized Disney Travel Agent like our Military Diva, who could score even more deals and help plan your trip. From my personal experience, my family did diversify our trip one time and it was a big pain. We find that putting all our eggs in one basket provided for a much better and easier vacation.

DISPOSABLE INCOME: After you have booked your vacation and paid for it, you will have to determine your disposable income. You will need some extra money for expenses you may not realize.  Like tempting souvenirs at the plentiful Gift Shops all over Disney World. Here is a sample of 20 best souvenirs to think ahead of what to expect. Also see reviews of the Gift Shops at Disney World like this one here. Keep in mind, if you have extra money, you still need money for paying tips on your meals and on “mouse-keeping“.

Make sure you have an emergency fund for those “just in case” moments that could happen.

ETF: Estimated Times of Fastpass+ – okay ETF really means exchange-traded funds – but let’s talk about the very new Fastpass+ system which is getting everyone in a tizzy. Tips from the Disney Diva has you covered with great articles about the Fastpass+ system here. Tips from the Disney Diva (and Devos) have reviewed almost all the Attractions and Special Shows as well as Fireworks at Walt Disney World. Search all of our reviews to help you know which ones you will most enjoy when you go to the Most Magical Place on Earth.

CLOSING: Take stock of the advice above as well as the many articles we provide and you will be sure to have made one of the BEST INVESTMENTS of your life!




Born and raised in Canada. Loving Disney has meant a lifetime of hope, dreams, happiness, learning values and kindness. It is the magic across all boundaries and an adoration I can share with my loving family, my friends and... with YOU! Spreading the magic through writing is what keeps this incredible circle growing and building positively, that is the Disney Dream.