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by JollyFrogger Diva

As with all good things, vacations must eventually come to an end and you are forced to resume normal life until the next one comes along. For me, time seems to move slowest in the months, or sometimes even years, between vacations. I have found that the best way to make that time more bearable is to find little ways to relive past Disney trips through everyday life. Over the years, I have devised a few methods to help me recapture the feeling of vacation even during the down time.

Scent can be a powerful memory trigger. That’s why my first tip is to find a certain perfume, cologne, lotion, or scent spray that reminds you of your vacation. For me, it’s Laila, the perfume that permeates the air in the Norway pavilion at Epcot. Every visit I would smell it and loved it. I finally broke down and bought some. Now it’s one of my favorite perfumes to wear. On days when I am down or really wishing I could be on vacation, I wear it and the scent takes me back to some of my favorite memories of past trips. For my Dad, it’s Citrus Magic spray. He has always associated the smell of oranges with Florida, especially since Soarin’ came along and carries riders over a citrus field. When he’s missing Disney, he’ll often spritz a little Citrus Magic. They even sell air fresheners that smell like popular Disney food. Turkey legs, Mickey Bars, candy apples, Dole Whips, and Mickey waffles are all available, so find a scent that reminds you of Disney and incorporate it into your life. It’ll surely make you smile when you catch a whiff.


Another trick I have is to pepper Disney related things into daily life. Anyone who so much as glances as my desk at work knows I am a Disney fan- I have a custom mouse pad with pictures from our last trip, and a wall calendar composed of pictures collages from several past trips. If pictures aren’t your thing, consider picking up merchandise on your next trip and use them- a cool license plate for your car in the fashion of your favorite Disney attraction, a Disney themed cell phone cover, a coffee mug with your favorite Disney character, or even a cool print for your wall. Your options are nearly endless. I have a purse my husband bought me for Christmas last year that carries the Haunted Mansion wall paper print on it. The design is subtle enough that non Disney fans won’t catch the nod to the Mouse, but it’s really neat when someone in public recognizes it and strikes up a conversation.

Haunted Mansion purse

my Disney mousepad

One of my favorite tricks is to find a way to incorporate the sounds of Disney into common things. On a past trip we purchased some Disney cds that included soundtracks from several rides. As I sit here typing this, I have the soundtrack from SpectroMagic playing on my iPod. I also like to set Disney themed ringtones on my phone so I get a little reminder of Disney every time someone calls me, even if I am tempted not to answer my phone sometimes because I don’t want to disturb the music. I’m a big fan of Halloween, so usually during the month of October I have the soundtrack from Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party or the Haunted Mansion playing in my car and on my phone.

One final trick I have is to attempt recreating some of the delicious food from Disney in your own kitchen. I found a recipe online for the Wurstsalat from Epcot’s German Pavillion and it has become a favorite summer dish at my house. My parents also have a Disney cookbook and have tried several difference recipes from it. We understand the food doesn’t usually come out quite as delicious as it does in the park, but so what? That never stops us from trying, and it still helps us remember our visits to our favorite Disney World restaurants and gives us a taste of Disney between trips.


I am a born and raised Disney fan helping share my love of Disney with my wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, and anyone else who will listen to my stories.