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Multiple Disney World Trips

By Pixie Hollow Diva


I have heard over and over again from many different people who only need to go to Disney World once. People will say to me how do you constantly keep going back to that place? First, my response is that place? It’s not “that” place, it is Disney World and it is my second home! Things at Disney World are constantly changing. Every trip my family takes is always different. We never do the same things including eating at the same restaurants. The fact that we started going with my two girls at nine months old, gives us the opportunity to have many different experiences with each yearly Disney trip. Sometimes we happen to be fortunate enough to go twice a year. But yes we do go to Disney World every year and we absolutely love it!

Multiple Disney World Trips

Obviously when you are going with young children like mine, who at times were under three years old, you tend to do a lot of rides geared more towards them. However, even being so young it’s the parent thrill seeing the excitement your child has when seeing their favorite Disney character or sitting on a ride geared towards a character they are familiar with is priceless. When I think back to seeing my daughter at nine months old interacting with some of her favorite characters from her Disney shows on TV, it makes my heart melt. Yes, she does not remember the trip and she will never remember that she was there at such a young age, but we know she was there and we know what we all experienced in those moments. She has pictures to look back on and hopefully able to pass down to her children when she grows up.

Taking Multiple Disney World Trips Multiple Disney World Trips

My girls now are 3 years old and 6 1/2. They can tell me exactly what rides they want to go on now and which rides they don’t. They can express their favorite princesses and who they want to be when we do the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique. They know what restaurants they like and can tell us where they would like to eat. These are all things that in the next handful of years will constantly be changing. Every year my girls know there are new experiences and new things happening at their favorite place. For example, they know that Hollywood Studios is now opening a Toy Story Land set to open sometime over the summer of 2018. We are going to Disney World in April and my older daughter is a little bummed that we are going to miss it. She is old enough to understand that when we go back in 2019 it will be all set and ready to go and she will have a blast! Hollywood studios is also building an entire Star Wars Land which looks amazing and luckily my girls are also into that thanks to my husband!.

Multiple Disney World Trips

Not only are all the theme parks adding new attractions to their parks and new ride experiences, they are also adding new experiences when it comes to dining. Last spring Disney introduced a breakfast with Disney character couples. You can have breakfast and can meet Ariel with Prince Eric and Rapunzel with Flynn Rider. This is perfect because you cannot really meet the princes in the parks. Occasionally Flynn Rider will be floating around Magic Kingdom but that is rare. The Italian restaurant located on the Boardwalk, Trattoria Al Forno recently opened this character dining, Bon Voyage Breakfast in the spring of 2017. It was so hard to get reservations for our past trips and I was not even able to get one this past November when we visited Disney World. I was lucky enough to get a reservation this coming April so I am really looking forward to that. Every time we go to Disney World we do try to eat at new restaurants.

My husband is on a mission to eat at almost all Disney restaurants!  On our upcoming April trip we have a new dining experience booked for every day of restaurants we have not yet tried.  We have a couple repeat restaurants that just happens to be some of our favorites that we cannot pass up!  We have Ohana‘s Best Friends breakfast located at the Polynesian Resort. My girls absolutely love the character interaction at this restaurant and it is a perfect breakfast.

Multiple Disney World TripsOur own Devo CabDisney wrote an article all about it here!  It is family style food that everyone in my family eats and enjoys!  We were just there in November and they provide a skillet full of Mickey waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, ham and breakfast potatoes.  They also give a large dish full of fresh fruit and their sweet bread which will send your taste buds screaming for more!

Since we take yearly trips to Disney World, we like to sometimes go with other families.  We are good friends with several Disney loving families!  It is always fun to go with others who enjoy and understand the Disney love.  We stayed with very close friends this past November and their children and mine had a blast doing things together!  It was so nice to see all of the kids get along and experience new things!

Take Multiple Disney World Trips

My Disney Diva Tip: do not let people change your mind on taking that second, third, fourth or 20th Disney trip! Travel to Disney World as much as possible. I guarantee each time will be a totally different experience and a treasured one that you will hold for a lifetime.

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I am known to be a Disney Mom and wife. I have two little girls, ages two and six and they too share the love. We are lucky enough to travel to Disney World once a year, maybe twice. Each time is a new experience. I love to see people learn and experience new things that may help make their visits extra special. I look forward to sharing tips and input and help answer any questions you may have through my writing!