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By: Disneylove Diva

Getting to celebrate a birthday at Walt Disney World is a celebration all in itself. It’s an amazing opportunity and you will be able to make memories that will last a lifetime. I have had the amazing opportunity of celebrating my birthday at WDW in the past and will be doing it again this summer for my next birthday. I can tell you from experience that going to Disney is the best present in the world. You can get special surprises, special treatment, and even a few free things while you are there. If someone is wanting to celebrate their birthday in a special way, Disney is the place to go.

IMG_0862[1] First things first! You must get a birthday button. These can be found in the information centers at all of the parks and at all resorts. These buttons make all cast members aware of your birthday. Warning: While wearing these buttons you may experience the following: Extreme attention, an over abundance of happy birthdays, and extreme joy and happiness. It is the cast members job to spot these buttons and wish you a happy and magical birthday. Because of this button you may receive a free dessert at a restaurant or a free cookie at a food stand. It is amazing how many “Happy Birthdays” you will receive while wearing something as simple as a button. So be sure to get a button and be recognized- even by Disney guests.

IMG_0863[1] Get yourself recognized. Wear something different from everyone else. While walking around Disney you see countless Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears, but how many tiaras with veils do you see? Not many at all.  I wore a tiara with a veil last year and I received a lot of attention! Do something different from everyone else. Get a bright birthday t-shirt, wear a tiara, anything. Just something to bring attention to yourself. After all, it is your birthday. P.S. Sometimes your birthday button can be covered up by a jacket or hair, so wearing something different is a great way to bring attention to yourself.

If you are staying at a Disney resort and someone in your traveling party will be celebrating a birthday, call Disney and let them know that it is their birthday and they will put it on your reservation. You might get a surprise when you walk into your resort room. There are also several different Birthday Packages you can purchase before you leave for your vacation. Any and all reservations you make, you should tell them about the birthday and they will do something special. Dining reservations, resort reservations, everything. It is completely worth the effort.

If you have the golden opportunity of celebrating a birthday while at Walt Disney World, you should take it. Celebrating a birthday at Disney is an amazing opportunity for memories, fun, and excitement. Just be sure to follow all of these tips to make your birthday celebration extra special for everyone. Hope you birthday celebration at Walt Disney World is magical and full of memories.