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DIsney World Community Halls

By Pixie Hollow Diva

As a frequent Disney go-er I see regularly firsthand what Disney can cost. When it comes to food, activities, park passes and other recreational activities it can cost a pretty penny. However, there are many things you can do that do not require a lot of money or any money at all. I have covered that in a previous article I had written several months back. If you want some information on that please check it out here!

My family and I recently stayed at Kidani Village located at Animal Kingdom Lodge. For the first time we checked out the Community Hall.  There are many times that my family will go to one of the theme parks when it opens and only stay until the early afternoon since my two girls are still young.

Disney World Community Halls

Sometimes we have a few hours in between returning to our hotel and dining reservation. This time my girls seemed a little antsy and we walked past Community Hall located on the second floor In Kidani Village. My girls were amazed with all the fun activities they had there which are offered all day long. The hall at Kidani is open from 8 AM until 10 PM. I feel like those are perfect times because if you do have a few hours of downtime throughout the day whether it’s in the morning afternoon or after dinner you can always find something to do in Community Hall.

DIsney World Community Halls

The Community Halls are located at several Disney World deluxe resort locations. One is located at Old Key West, Saratoga Springs, Boardwalk Villas, Bay Lake Tower and the one I recently was able to scope out, Kidani Village.

They had a pool table and oversize checker board, movies playing on the TV, coloring pages Eddie coloring table, computers with video games and computer games in the far corner, a bead station and a few choices of ceramics that you can paint for a small fee and other little arts and crafts.DIsney World Community HallsDIsney World Community Halls

Every day they do have a list of certain activities going on throughout the day if you wanted to go in for one specific activity. You can sign out games, sporting equipment and DVDs. You write your name in the book and sign it out basically the way a library would work. I did not sign anything out we were lucky enough to have great weather and no rain at all for our weeks day this past November. However if you do hit some bad weather and are stuck at your hotel, the option of being able to sign games and movies out is a great. Sometimes on a rainy day Community Hall can get slightly busy so it’s nice if you do not want to deal with any type of commotion and want to relax in your room plus keep your kids occupied!

DIsney World Community Halls

Although the Community Halls are not located in all Disney resorts, do not be disappointed. Every resort has activities going on usually by the pools during the day. They all offer free movies at night under the stars where you can kick back and relax and watch one of your favorite Disney movies. Disney does not always have to be hectic and crazy and you can spend some time at your hotel and take advantage of a lot of the amenities and see what they all have to offer.