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Article by Florida Diva

Photos courtesy of Kevin O’Donahue

Dancing 1 Kailey, center

Everyone loves a parade and even Walt himself said, “Disneyland is a show.”  So who wouldn’t  jump at the chance to be a part of that show; one so famous that people from all over the world flock to daily to witness it? Well, young Kailey, a dancer from Calgary, had that chance this summer and traveled to California with her family in order to participate in the 3 o’clock Disney parade with her 41 member dance troop from Airbourne School of Dance.

I have to admit, as I sat chatting with Kailey and her older sister, Emily, I was more than a little envious. Imagine dancing down Main Street, in a custom made outfit in front of thousands of happy, waving visitors and all at the happiest place on earth! What could be better? Well, I soon found out.

Dancing 2 Kailey, center

Added to the already exciting and once in a lifetime experience, was a peak behind the scenes. As Kailey and her fellow dancers readied themselves for the parade, they were provided an  up close and personal look at the floats, cast members and characters that would join them as they performed that day. Of course, this only added to the anticipation and excitement of being invited to perform in the first place. Soon Kailey and her troop burst out onto the route and performed the specially choreographed routine as they danced to “Surf Crazy” from Disney’s Teen Beach Movie. After her performance at both Disneyland and California Adventure the next day, the most obvious way to finish her trip was to hit the rides with her older sister and parents.

dancing 4 Kailey, Jasmine and Emily

Again these charming young ladies had me jealous as they eagerly shared details of rides I’ve never been on. Carsland was a huge hit, especially when they found themselves in a different car than their dad, and beat him to the finish line! I was also informed that the Ferris Wheel at California Adventure is, and I quote, “Freaky”. Apparently, for those of you like me who weren’t aware, the cars don’t just go round, they slide from the center of the wheel to the outside of the spoke they’re on and back again. (Think I’ll be skipping that one when I finally make it back to Disneyland one day.)

dancing 3 Kailey and the ride I’ll never go on at California Adventure

So what were other favorites? Indiana Jones was a hit, as was Star Tours and the Monsters Inc ride. Kailey wasn’t a fan of Space Mountain and it was a split decision on the Tower of Terror.  They were lucky enough to catch a showing of Guardians Of The Galaxy interactive preview, and enjoyed Naples Pizzeria so much, that it became their go to place to grab a bite.

Overall Kailey informed me that she’d do it again in a heartbeat if ever invited again, and you never know, another decade or so and these talented young ladies might become a regular fixture as Disney performers.

Special thanks to the O’Donahue family for their time and input.