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Disneyland Resort Buena Vista Street Reopening Tips
By Tinker Belle Diva

Willie's Churro Cart

Churros will be available!

On October 23rd, the Disney Parks Blog announced the reopening of Disney California Adventure Park’s Buena Vista Street starting on November 19th as an extension to the already open Downtown Disney District. Then on November 5th, they gave us a few more details on what will be open. Here is everything we know about what your experience will be like if you go, as well as a few tips for going. Be sure to read my tips on visiting the Downtown Disney District as well to read tips for visiting Downtown Disney.

What is Buena Vista Street?
Buena Vista Street is the main street at the entrance to Disney California Adventure Park. It is themed to the 1920s to reflect the era when Walt Disney traveled to California. The Street is lined with shops, and the area has a few restaurants as well.
Mortimers Market on Buena Vista Street

It has not been announced if Martimers Market will be open

How do I enter Buena Vista Street?
Buena Vista Street will open on November 19th, 2020. There will not be a separate ticket or entrance fee to go into Buena Vista Street. In other words, this is open to anyone, not just Annual Passholder or those that previously bought Disneyland tickets, and you do not need to make any reservations to go. However, the same mobile virtual queue system may be used for the Buena Vista Street that is being used for the shops in Downtown Disney District. What this means is that if Buena Vista Street is reaching the capacity allowed, new guests will check-in with a Disney Cast Member, provide their cell phone and name, and then be sent a text when it is time to return to enter. DIVA TIP – to avoid crowds and limit the time you spend waiting in a virtual queue, try to time your trip for a weekday near opening time. If you are going at a high traffic time, you can be in multiple virtual queues at once, so you can enter a queue for both World of Disney and Buena Vista Street, or any other shops.
What are the dining options?
Carthay Circle Restaurant

Carthay Circle Restaurant with the Lounge on the first floor

Disney has announced that Carthay Circle Lounge will be open for Al Fresco dining. The menu has appetizers, entrees, and desserts made to have the feel of outdoor cafés of Europe. The Al Fresco dining is to be on the first floor with a new patio extension for additional seating. It is expected that Disney will open reservations for this restaurant soon, and it is expected that a reservation will grant you entry to Buena Vista Street even if it is at capacity. We will keep you updated once we know for sure.

The rest of the dining options are quick service options. These will be Smokejumpers Grill (with mobile ordering), Award Wieners (with mobile ordering), and Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe (Starbucks). In addition, mobile carts with churros, popcorn, and ice cream will be available. We do not know at this time if Mortimer’s Market or Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream will be open, as Disney has not announced they are included. DIVA TIP – Disney has announced that you will NOT be allowed entry into Buena Vista Street with a confirmed mobile order at a quick-service restaurant. Do not place your mobile order until you are granted access and already on Buena Vista Street.
Where can I shop?
Disney has announced that all of the shops along Buena Vista Street will be open. These are Elias & Co, Julius Katz & Sons, Trolley Treats, and Kingswell Camera Shop. It is not expected that shops in Hollywood Land (Gone Hollywood and Off the Page) or by Smokejumpers Grill (Humphrey’s Service and Supplies) will be open.
Trolley Treats

Goodies inside Trolley Treats

Are discounts for dining and shopping allowed?
Yes, if you have an Annual Pass, even if it has expired during the closure, it can be used for dining/shopping discounts. DIVA TIP – be sure to bring your actual annual pass and do not rely on using the pass on the Disneyland App. If your pass has expired during the closure, it will not show up on the App. Other discounts, such as Disney Vacation Club and Chase Disney Visa are also still valid.
What else will there be to do? 
There will not be any characters or shows on Buena Vista Street, and to be clear, the rest of Disney California Adventure Park remains closed. No attractions/rides are open. There will be holiday decorations to view and use for your pictures.
Disney California Adventure Park

Trees like this one normally near Grizzly River Run could decorate Buena Vista Street.

Where do I park?
The only official Disney parking for DTD is in the Simba lot, and read about parking in my article on Downtown Disney District. Up to now, parking has been free, but starting on November 19th, it will be $10 required upon entry to the parking lot and no validation is available, nor can Annual Passes with the parking option be used to waive this fee. The Simba lot is just to the south and west of Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel. Enter from Disneyland Drive into the parking lot, and then walk to the entrance to DTD near the Disneyland Hotel. NOTE: Disneyland will close this parking lot periodically if it becomes full. You can check Disneyland’s Twitter account @Disneyland Today to check for the current status of the parking lot. DIVA TIP – if the Simba lot is full/closed, consider being dropped off along Harbor Blvd at the east entrance or at the DTD drop off just north of the Disneyland Hotel on Disneyland Drive. If you are staying at one of the local hotels, enter on the east side as the line to enter Downtown Disney District is significantly shorter.

Last tip! Don’t forget to bring your face covering, as that is required for ages 3 and up to enter.
At the time of this writing, the hotels at the Disneyland Resort are not yet open and will not be in calendar year 2020. If you are planning to visit the Downtown Disney District or Buena Vista Street and need a hotel, please contact Patricia at All For Dreams Travel and she can help you find accommodations to fit your travel needs.