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Two oldest Disney Brothers a few years ago at Disneyland

By Princess Diva (and the two oldest Disney Brothers)

Trying to choose a top 5 favorite kid’s attractions at Disneyland was proving tougher than what I thought. There are so many awesome things to do at Disneyland, I was having a hard time narrowing it all down. After thinking for a while, I decided to enlist the help of some experts: my two oldest sons and Disney enthusiasts. (They are 9 and 7 years old). After hearing their picks, I was pretty impressed with their choices, so I asked them to help me write this article. So, here we have the Disney Brothers top 5 Disneyland attractions in descending order.

#5 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Located in Critter Country in Disneyland, Winnie the Pooh and his friends take you on a journey through the Hundred-Acre Woods. Guests hop inside a giant bee hive and are blown through the forest with all your favorite friends. This ride is very family friendly. Disney Brothers picked this ride because they love all of the bright colors, fun music, and black lights. “Pooh’s dream with the Heffalumps and Woozles is the best. The characters are all very familiar. They are characters that we used to watch when we were little and we really liked them. Oh, and you get to bounce like Tigger. That is fun too”. (Oldest Disney Brother)

#4 Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
While wandering through Tomorrowland, you will find the boys’ next pick. In Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, visitors climb aboard an Australian submarine and embark on an adventure with Marlin as he tries to find his son, Nemo. “I like that you really feel like you are deep under water. I will probably never get to ride on a real submarine, so this is really cool for kids. You get to see all sorts of really cool things that Nemo would see, except Darla. That’s not funny”. (Younger Disney Brother)

#3 Turtle Talk With Crush
While the Disney Brothers next pick is not a ride, it is something that is on our to do list every trip to Disneyland or Disney World. Turtle Talk With Crush is located in California Adventure in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot in the Animation building. This is a great place to cool off and rest. Turtle Talk with Crush is a great interactive attraction that lets audience members ask Crush questions about life in the ocean as well as answer some questions that Crush has. There is a lot of funny moments as answers get lost in translation! “Talking to Crush is awesome! I seriously get picked every time we go. I always wear crazy hats and I sit right up front on the lilypads and he picks me to answer questions. He came up with a really cool nickname for me (which we had to continue to call him for the rest of the trip). (Oldest Disney Brother)

#2 Toy Story Mania!
Head on over to Paradise Pier in California Adventure, and you will find the next pick on our top 5 list. Toy Story Mania sends you on a twisty ride through a series of midway games where guest can throw eggs, break dishes, fling pies, and pop balloons all while being cheered on by your favorite Toy Story characters. “This ride is unbelievable! You get to shoot things (remember I live in a house full of boys) and it’s like a contest between everyone. My dad always beats us. He is really good. We all beat mom though (I swear I let them win). I like that we play games like this at home on the Wii. The only thing that stinks is the wait. We only usually get to ride this once, but would be really cool if we could ride it more than once. That is why it couldn’t be our number one pick”. (Younger Disney Brother)

Drum roll please…and the number one pick for attractions for kids at Disneyland is…

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
Back in Tomorrowland, you become an official Space Ranger on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and must help Buzz Lightyear defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg as he attempts to steal batteries from toys. But Zurg is not alone, he has enlisted the help of equally evil robots and it is your job to shoot your lasers and stop him and his plan. “Everything is awesome about this ride. The line is usually way shorter than Toy Story, so we can ride it a couple of times each day we are there. Dad is really good at this game too. Being able to shoot a laser is really cool. I know it’s not real, but I’m at Disney, I can pretend. (Younger Disney Brother) It is really cool how everything glows and how you can make your car spin to try and get more points. I like to be the one to drive. (Oldest Disney Brother)
So, there you have it, our top 5 list for kids at Disneyland. After talking to my kids about it, I thought it was interesting that four out of five of the attractions were related to two different Pixar films. Apparently, they know what they are doing and make characters that kids love. I was also impressed that the attractions that they picked were indeed attractions for the whole family and that even the youngest family members would enjoy.

Did any of your family’s favorites make our top 5? What is the #1 on your list? Tell us in the comments section?