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By Pixie Hollow Diva

All Star Movies Hotel, Disney World

All Star Movie Hotel, Disney WorldSometimes people feel like they need to stay at the “best” hotels while on vacation.  Everyone’s idea of best is different.  People look for certain things in a hotel, which others may not.  Some people love huge lobbies.  Some like higher end restaurants.  Some just want a place that is clean and fun to sleep in!  Disney has SO many hotels to choose between.  They are all uniquely themed so there is one out there for everyone!  However, when spending a lot of money on vacation, sometimes it is best to find a cheaper priced hotel.  By staying at a value level resort in Disney World, you are gaining the exact same befits of all the hotels when it comes to staying on property.  You have free bus service to all parks, monorail access, housekeeping and awesome pools!  If you want to stay on Disney property a value hotel is All Star Movie Hotel, Disney Worldperfect!  It will not break the bank and you will have a blast!  One of my favorites is All Star Movies.

Like I mentioned, all the Disney World hotels have their own theme.  All Star Movies is based around Disney movies.  There are designated buildings themed towards a different movie.   One section is 101 Dalmatians, Toy Story, Fantasia, Mighty Ducks and Love Bug.


All Star Movie Hotel, Disney WorldYou can request a certain building at a preferred rate which is a few dollars more a night.  Preferred rooms are also closer to the Cinema Food Court, so if that is important to you, you may want to look into that.  However, there is no guarantee you will be able to receive that exact themed building.    Each room is large enough for a family of four.  You have two double beds, a dresser and large open “closet” area.  You also have a small hotel refrigerator and a table with two chairs. The bathroom has a full bath tub with shower.  A large vanity with sink is just outside the “bathing” area.  When I stayed there almost 2 years ago, I had more than enough space and that with a pack and play set up in the corner since my daughter was an infant.  My older daughter at the time was four so she was totally content with enough space!      All Star Movie Hotel, Disney World

For the amount of time that we truly spent in the room itself, the value was perfect for us!

It was our first time at value and for the price of $77 per night because of a special, we couldn’t beat it!  It was a trip that we decided to take last minute!  We normally travel to Disney World once a year, sometimes twice if the price is right.  The year we stayed at All Stars, the price was definitely right.  We chose to go for four nights which was a great amount especially since my youngest was only 9 months old.  I did not want to feel to overwhelmed with her being with us and being so young.  With her being young and my older one also being on the younger side, the All Star Movie hotel had fun things to do!  Our own Daisy Diva also stayed here with some helpful resort tips, check out her review too!

The pool was perfect!  The large pool has a big Sorcerer Mickey mountain that my daughter got a kick out of.  They also had a smaller very shallow kiddie pool along with a squirt area. All Star Movie Hotel Squirt Pool, Disney World Needless to say that is the area we spent our pool time in.  I also found it to be the easiest with having two very young children with us.    The hotel also gives a movie schedule stating which times and movies they are playing each night by the pool.  We caught a few minutes of it one night but it is free and fun to do!  The hotel also has an arcade, which you pay for, but it at least gives you another option of something to do.  This worked out great for us because many days I would put the bay in for a nap and my husband would take my daughter to the arcade for a while.

All Star Movie Hotel Pool, Disney World

The large cafeteria in the main building worked out great for us.  It had many different lines of options.  One line was for pizza, one for sandwiches and burgers, salads and hot entrees.  Sometimes this works out great people everyone can order what they like and you are not limited.  Sometimes the cafeteria can be loud since it is so large, but that usually is not an issue for most people.

Every Disney World Hotel has something to offer, so give it a try!  Call Patricia at All For Dreams Travel for a FREE quote on a Disney World vacation!

All Star Movie Hotel Pool, Disney World