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Author: Disney Diva
This February my family and I signed up to take the Family Magic Tour at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.
We called 407-WDW-TOUR and signed up for four people. The cost is only $34.00 per person and let me tell you that it is totally worth every single penny!
This tour is ok for all ages and takes 1.5 to 2 hours and is a walking tour so make sure you wear comfy shoes and check the weather. Park admission is not included in the price so make sure you have tickets also.
So let me run down the experience for you, because I definitely think you will want to book this tour!
You will check in at the Chamber of Commerce. When you come into the park the Chamber of Commerce is on the far left. When you go in they will check your reservation and give you this cute nametag.
We only had one other family with us, but I don’t think they get much bigger than three families in order to keep it manageable. There is free water and coffee for you to grab before you get started and make sure you go to the bathroom next door before you get started.
Once everybody is there your tour guide will tell you about what you are looking for. Captain Hook has been up to no good in the Magic Kingdom and has been stealing some of the characters favorite things and hiding them all over the park. Mickey needs us to help retrieve the items and bring them back so he can get them to the characters.
There are clues that take you from item to item and they’re NOT easy. They really take some thought, but its fun to solve as a family. IMG_2336
The clues take you all around the Magic Kingdom park, but it doesn’t have you crossing the park more than one time. You move sequentially through the park.
Our tour guide was AMAZING!!! She’s great at getting the kids to play along! But all of you fuddy duddy IMG_2347parents who NEVER play along like you are supposed to (like the ones who wont participate in Monsters Laugh Floor or Turtle Talk with Crush… really what is your problem people?!?) you need to play along in order to get your kids to!
Its fun to because there are random people in the park who have clues and hints to get you further in your journey! You never IMG_2351know who is going to help you next.
As a part of the tour you also get to ride a ride to look for a clue. Your tour guide will have fast passes for everybody so you will go directly into the ride. Our ride was Winnie the Pooh. This would potentially save you some time during your trip! IMG_2370
AND, there’s a surprise Character Greeting with PETER PAN! Oh yeah! So no need to stand in line and waste all your time to meet him. You’ll get to play a game with him, get autographs aIMG_2382nd take photos!
You can even take a second and CROW with Peter! Pretty cool!
Right after this we got to take a break as it was right around the one hour mark. We ate a little snack (we had brought one with us, one is not provided) and went to the bathroom.
As we continued on our hunt we suddenly heard someone talking to us about our quest. I turned around IMG_2392and it was PUSH THE TRASH CAN! I’m not going to lie, I squealed as I had never seen Push before!
Then we started playing a follow the leader game which was so fun! (Again, fuddy duddies… get with the program!)
Finally we had collected all of the items Hook had stolen and thought our tour was about to end when our tour guide informed us that we were going to get to return the items to the Big Cheese himself.
We went into a secret entrance and waited for a few minutes. We decided to take a picture with all of the kids and our guide because we had really all bonded at that point.
And then it was time! Our guide told Mickey and Minnie we had found all the items and we got to spend a good 10 minutes or so with them taking pictures, getting autographs and just going around all together! Talk about saving some time! Meeting Mickey, Minnie, Peter Pan, riding a ride, AND getting oriented to all of Magic Kingdom while having a great time as a family!
I highly recommend this tour to ALL of you! I was absolutely amazing and so super fun! Absolutely worth the money PLUS some and I feel confident your family will LOVE IT! Call 407-WDW-TOUR to book your Family Magic Tour! You won’t regret it!