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Author: Diva Mommy
Located in the Future World side of Epcot, beside Innoventions plaza, the Electric Umbrella offers a nice place to beat the heat and have some good food.
There are ample tables throughout and even seating outside (so you can people watch, which is so entertaining at Walt Disney World)!
Menu items include: chicken nuggets, a meatball sub, burgers (I like a mushroom and swiss cheeseburger), a black bean flat bread, and a chicken caesar salad (which is quite big). However, its the children’s menu here, that makes the Electric Umbrella a staple on each of our trips. The kids menu offers cheeseburgers, a chilled chicken wrap as well as mac and cheese, which my daughter loved. I’ve even tried it and it is very good as well as filling. You can also substitute grapes or carrots, for those never ending fries which are always on the kids’ meal!
There are also dessert items such as a cheesecake with strawberry sauce (yummy), cookies, and a sugar free brownie for diabetics and people watching their sugar intake.
This really is a nice place to eat because of it’s great location in the park. The kids’ menu is a little different and that can definitely help. It’s air-conditioned, so during those hot Florida days, it can be a great place to relax and get out of the heat. As I mentioned, it is large so it can accommodate a lot of people. It can also get a bit crowded where you order and pick up your food, so it’s best to send one person to order while the rest of your group grabs a table.

Diva Tip: Drink refills are FREE at Electric Umbrella! So eating a kids’ meal here has even more savings, since you can get as much to drink as you would like!

Disney Dining Plan accepted here
Items are under $10
Opens at 11am