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Embarrassing Disney Moment
By Dope Diva

My 2 year old LOVES to meet all the Disney characters. He is not afraid of them and is always ready to run up and give them big hugs and/or kisses. We always let him go first so we can have pictures of him by himself with the characters before we do our group pictures.

So when we went to meet Mr. and Mrs. Incredible he ran over and gave Mr. Incredible a kiss. I was distracted by something before he went to meet Mrs. Incredible and when I turned around this is what I saw:

Yes, he was grabbing her boob!  I kept trying to get him to let go but he wouldn’t. She just looked down at him and shook her head but didn’t make him feel like he was doing anything wrong. It was so funny but I was a bit embarrassed that he wouldn’t let go. Finally we got him away and we managed to stop laughing and get our group picture taken.
That was definitely an embarrassing Disney moment I will never forget!