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By Fantasmic Diva

IMG_3214                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  It’s pretty common knowledge that you will spend some of your Disney vacation in lines waiting to get on attractions. Why

not make the most of it! Use this time to create some magical family memories! Your time in line doesn’t have to be boring!! 

Here’s my suggestions for making your time waiting to get on attractions as magical as the rest of your vacation!

1. Snack time! Whether you bring your own snacks into the park or you bring a Mickey Premium bar, Dole Whip or a cinnamon bun the size of my head into the queue with you, grabbing a snack right before you get into a rather lengthy queue is a great way to make sure that your time in the park is used wisely. I wouldn’t advise doing this in line for Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror or Space Mountain necessarily, but if you are in line for Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, Toy Story Midway Mania or Peter Pan’s Flight, you should be fine. Be sure to check with the attractions cast member to make sure that you can eat in the queue. Most of them just require that you finish your snack or put it away prior to boarding the attraction.

2. iPad/iPhone games! It’s the age of the smart phone and tablet; not only does it provide you with wait times and the My Disney Experience App, but tons of other Disney Apps as well! Some of my personal favorites are Mouse Trivia, Disney Animated, Brave Temple Run and the Wreck it Ralph games. There are also Disney story apps so line time can turn into Story Time with your little ones. Technology can provide endless amusement for those who tend to get antsy in line.

3. Speaking of books… an e-reader weighs practically nothing; why not throw one in your bag for the day? There are lots of Disney books to bring the magic right to your wait time. My personal favorites are the Percy Jackson and Kingdom Keepers series. You can also bring the Disney fact and trivia books and share fun facts about the Disney Universe. Pass the book around the family and you will be amazed what you can discover!

4. Games that require no technology! “I Spy with Mike Wazowski’s Eye”, a simple Disney twist on the I Spy game! Disney queues are so well decorated and detailed, you are bound to discover something new while playing this game! You can also play Disney Headbands (without all the cards and bands of course); all you need is a pack of post-it notes. Simple and fun! Just have a partner write down the name of a Disney character and place it on your head without you seeing who it is, then you try to guess the character on your own heads by asking yes or no questions! Lots of giggles will ensue!

5. Hidden Mickey’s! Whether looking on your own or going by the book, looking for hidden Mickey’s is a classic way to pass the time!!

6. Trading Sorcerer Cards! Whether with other members of your party or possibly (as has been my case) with other guests in line! You can also play the game that is available in the shops around the Magic Kingdom! Now that the Sorcerer Game has become popular, lots of guests will be carrying their Sorcerer cards with them!

7. Disney Movies! If you bring an iPad or iPhone, you can definitely bring your favorite Disney movies with you on vacation in the form of Digital Copies!

8. Attraction Trivia! While you are in line for an attraction, use the wealth of knowledge on the internet to look up some of the trivia, history and details of the attraction and share them with your party and keep an eye out for them as you go through the attraction! One of the most fun attractions to do this with is the Haunted Mansion!


Hopefully this gave you some ideas for passing the time in the Disney lines!! Looking at them as opportunities for family bonding will make them look a lot more fun!