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By Dopey Diva

Your Disney trip is paid for, you have the free dining plan or have paid for the dining plan and you are thinking how great it will be once you get to Disney World or Disneyland that everything will be taken care of with no worries of extra expenses. Well you might want to think again…and be prepared! Here are a few expenses you might not have considered.

1. Photo Pass. This is NOT a necessity but definitely something you should consider. Photo Pass allows cast members to take pictures for you during your entire trip. You just give them your card, they scan it, and all of your pictures are saved for you to view and later edit and have sent to your home on a CD. If you purchase photo pass BEFORE your trip you will get a discounted price.

2. MOUSEKEEPING. Please remember to tip your Mousekeepers. They work hard cleaning your room and bringing fresh towels and other items that need replenished. Rule of thumb is $1 per person staying in your room plus $1 extra.

3. Meals: Tips and Alcohol. If you have purchased the dining plan you may not think about tips or alcoholic beverages. The dining plan does NOT include alcohol or tips so make sure you have extra money for your table service meals.

4. SOUVENIRS. Don’t forget about money for souvenirs. Whether it’s a trading pin or a work of art I am sure you will find something you can’t live without!

    If you are going to Disney during the Halloween or Christmas season you might decide to attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. These are NOT included in your park admission and will cost extra. Also they tend to sell out very quickly so you will want to buy your tickets as soon as you possibly can.

These are just few things you might not consider before packing your bags and heading to the happiest place on earth and being prepared without being afraid of going over  budget will help you make the most of your magical vacation!