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By Pink Diva

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Treats

Sno-Cones at MVMCP

One of the perks of going to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP) is that you get special, holiday themed treats included in your ticket price.  Las year the treats were expanded beyond cookies to include sno-cones. This year the treats were expanded even more so we had to try them all!  We both had lunch, but planned to eat dinner at a quick service in the park somewhere and then enjoy all the “free treats” we could.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Treats

Giant Santa Cookie

As we headed into the park for MVMCP we were greeted by happy Cast Members handing out giant Santa cookies.  We wanted to experience all the treats in the park, so we opened the package and dug right in.  These were the biggest cookies of the night and were very good.

Each treat spot was designated with a giant candy cane stripped inflatable.  They were well-lit and could easily be seen once you were in the area.  Most of these places were only handing out the free treats so there was no confusion on who was in line for what.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Treats

Ginger Molasses Cookie and Eggnog

The rest of the treats did not start until 7:00pm when the party officially starts.  My husband loves the pretzels at Disney, so that was going to be our first stop.  We rode Pirates of the Caribbean since the snowman pretzels are at Tortuga Tavern.  When we finished the ride (walked right on, by the way!) the line for the pretzels was very long.  We opted to come back and make this our last stop. We were so glad we did because after all the sugar at the other stops the salt and dough was a welcomed change.

Our first official free treat stop was Liberty Square Ticket Office.  They had ginger molasses cookies and egg nog.  Neither my husband or I particularly like egg nog, but we were on a mission to try everything.  The cookies, you get two, were soft and chewy.  Exactly how you want them to be.  We both tried the egg nog, but only managed the one sip.  The egg nog was in a small cup with a lid, which is nice if you are strolling around the park with it.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Treats

Silky Smooth Dove Chocolates and Sparkling Apple Cider

We finished the cookies on the way to Friars Nook to get our second free treat.  This stop had three Dove chocolates and sparkling apple cider.  The chocolates are what you get in the store, so we know those would be delicious.  My husband enjoyed the sparkling apple cider, but I prefer the non-sparkling apple cider.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Treats

Get all four cookies at once!

From Friars Nook we scooted over to Pinocchio Village House.  This is where we hit the jackpot!  They have four different types of cookies and you get to pick either hot chocolate or apple juice.  We each had a peppermint crunch cookie, ginger molasses cookie, snickerdoodle cookie, and a small Santa cookie.  I had the hot chocolate and my husband had the apple juice.  The hot chocolate was too hot for my liking so we ended up switching drinks.

TIP: To maximize your time skip the cookie spots and only go to Pinocchio Village House.  You will get all the cookies in one stop!  This stop is not listed in the park map.

At this point, we were both getting full.  We ended up wrapping up some of the cookies and putting them into my purse.  I highly suggest bringing a ziplock back if you plan on attending the Christmas Party.  Each stop gave us at least two good-sized cookies each.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Treats

Nesquik and peppermint Chocolate Cookie

We then headed over to Pete’s Silly Sideshow to get the peppermint crunch cookies and chocolate milk.  This was the least busy stop we had.

We still hadn’t sampled the sno-cone so we made our way over to Auntie Gravities in Tomorrowland. Since Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe was on our way we stopped for Snickerdoodle cookies and hot chocolate.  This hot chocolate was HOT!  Mine was too hot to drink and my husband burned his tongue on his.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Treats

Snickerdoodle and Hot Cocoa

They only had blue sno-cones available at Auntie Gravities.  While they were good, they can easily be very messy.  Along with the sno-cones small Santa cookies were also available.

We finally made it back to Tortuga Tavern and the snowman pretzels.  They were the size of my palm.  They were exactly what we needed after all the sugar.



Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Treats

The delicious Snowman Pretzel

It didn’t take us long to go around the Magic Kingdom sampling the Christmas treats.  We were able to see the parade, stage show, ride some rides and see the Holiday Wishes firework show.  We did, however, get a little sick to our stomachs.  If you do decide to try all the treats I suggest you space them out throughout the whole night.  Enjoy everything that is available at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party-including all the wonderful treat!