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Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade 

By Savvy Diva


The whole family can test out their marksmanship skills at this neat arcade in Frontierland. It’s set back off the main road a bit, and there are benches and trees in front making it a nice place to relax.

The shooting gallery is an old west set-up of Boot Hill in Tombstone, Arizona. It’s dark lighting with a cemetery and a jail, so it could be a bit spooky for little ones. There are over 100 little red & white circle targets that light up and move when they’re hit. It’s fun to see what each target is going to do! The rifles are set up to fire invisible infrared light, so there are no projectiles of any kind.

There is an extra charge to play, but it won’t shoot a hole in your wallet at 35 shots for $1.00. If you take your time to aim, 35 shots will last you a while. The rifle stations only take quarters & there’s a change machine for your convenience along with two pressed penny machines.
The Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade is a perfect place for kids to go while the adults sit and relax. It’s a nice change of pace and plenty of fun to boot!